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MACC TEAMS - Round 2

Posted: 11-Oct-2019 by Cricket Senior

Round 2 Teams

**All games are subject to change of times/grounds based on availability. We’ll update as soon as we know but it may only be late this afternoon. 

**For now, all games start at a different time this week, note your team’s starting time and please be there an hour before. 

**The Melbourne Marathon is on this week so getting into Albert Park will be very difficult. Leave plenty of time and go down Queens road, left at Albert St and left at Canterbury Road. You can’t cross Fitzroy St till 12pm. 


First XI vs Malvern @ Albert Park Oval 9, 11:30am start (40 overs each)

M Soffer
N Paltiel
Z Fleisher
M New
Jo Jones (c)
A Meyerowitz
Ja Jones
B Melzak
S Rosenbaum
M Rosenbaum
L Rosenbaum (+)


Second XI vs Ashwood @ Essex Heights Reserve, 12am start (35 overs)

D Bloch
D Paltiel
E Epstein (c)
Z Aron
J Hoppe
M Gersun
E Barr
Y Havin
N Moskow
Z Pollak (+)
Z Serebryanski


Third XI vs Carnegie @ Albert Park Oval 12, 12pm start (35 overs)

Z Aflalo
B Jacobs (+)
J Lewis (c)
Y Rosenbaum
M Israel
R Spicer
R Mihalovich
D Rostkier
N Guttmann
E Boroda
C Felbel
J Hyams