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Training Reminder

Preseason training continues:

Wednesday 21/09/2016: 5:00pm - DARK
Sunday: 25/09/2016: 11:45am- 1:30pm
Wednesday 28/09/2016: 5:00pm - DARK


Captaincy Nominations

This year is a very exciting time for the Maccabi Ajax Cricket Club with 4 teams competitively playing in the MCA competition. (1 Saturday, 3 Sunday). Behind every successful cricket team is always a great leader and this year we are taking nominations for all 4 of our cricket teams. If you feel like you would be a person who could successfully lead one of our 4 teams to premiership success could you please send an email to secretary@maccabiajaxcc.com stating which team(s) you could lead and why you think you would be a suitable captain for them.

Applications close at 11:59pm on Thursday the 29th of September.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



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