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An Update on the Roll Out of MPP

We have commenced in earnest a roll out of the Maccabi Member Protection Policies to all national, state and club key stakeholders.

As we work through this roll out all those who have participated in the training can see what we are trying to achieve and why. What we are working towards is a shift in culture at Maccabi.

As we watch the various codes of sport and news, I think we have all noticed a shift – from people in the crowd reporting each other for racial vilification of athletes or officials, to the penalties associated with harassment and bullying. This is what Member and Child Protection is all about at the grass roots.

These things take time, and as Maccabi works towards creating a culture of support and safety, it is imperative that we all own this. This is not about a policy being preached from on high, this is about a policy and a culture being embraced by all of us. This is about creating an environment where:

  • children and young people are encouraged to enjoy their sport, and not be harassed, bullied or vilified if they make a mistake or are not as strong as the next child;
  • should a parent be behaving like ‘one of those’ parents, then their peers will tell them they have crossed the line and back off;
  • our young leaders including young coaches are working in an environment where they have been trained in their responsibilities and given their boundaries for appropriate behaviour;
  • all those in positions of authority understand their rights and their obligations;
  • members of clubs and their parents understand their rights as well as their obligations; and
  • playing at Maccabi is valued and respected.

The NSW Roll Out

At the end of March, we kicked off the MPP training with great attendance by club committees, coaches and team managers over two separate sessions. Representatives of some of the biggest Junior Clubs in NSW turned out to be trained in this most important area. A recent additional session in May saw even more officials from these clubs undertake the training. We now have more than 100 coaches and volunteers from Netball, Junior Football and Basketball through the program which is a fantastic effort. A thank you to the Clubs for their support of this initiative.

President of Maccabi NSW, Danny Hochberg confirmed this as a defining time in Maccabi's history - a time to embrace real change and the underlying requirements of a policy like the MPP.

In April, the NSW Children’s Guardian, Ms Kerryn Boland, launched the sport and recreation sector’s phase-in to the Working With Children Check. While Maccabi has had a policy in place for a number of years already that all coaches and staff require a Working with Children Check or equivalent, it is now a legal requirement.

Ms Boland stated that “we need to know we have systems and policies in place that will protect kids, and we need to act on, implement and maintain those policies”. This is exactly what Maccabi is working towards.

Click here to read more about the Office of the Children's Guardian in NSW

A great little was video was shown at this event…something we should all keep in mind. If the video does not work on your browser, click here


The Victorian Roll Out

In Victoria a number of training sessions have already taken place for a wide variety of Maccabi officials and for volunteers involved in the Junior Carnival in January this year.  We are now about to embark on a more substantial roll out through our Clubs. All club committee members, coaches and volunteers will start to attend training sessions in the coming months. These will occur at Maccabi Victoria’s offices on the following dates:

  • Thu 14/05/15
  • Mon 25/05/15
  • Thu 28/05/15

Sessions will commence at 7:30pm and run for 1.5 hours. 

Please contact Jacquie Lerner in the Maccabi Victoria office to book yourself in for a session.


The MPP Checklist

Below you can download a copy of the MPP Club Checklist that sets out a list of all the things your club needs to do to make it MPP compliant. See atatched below a copy of this check list.   Many of these items have been and continue to be attended to, and we thank you for working with us to bring this policy to life. 

MPP Club Checklist download

Working With Children Checks

As we have said all along, and what is highlighted in the MPP Club training sessions, the Working With Children Check is only one tool of many that is needed to ensure that child safety is fully integrated into how sports organisations operate.

Risk management, listening to children, investigating all complaints, effective recruitment, codes of conduct and effective supervision are all important for keeping kids safe.

Having said that, it is now a legal requirement that all staff and volunteers who are in regular and unsupervised contact with children and young people, must have a valid working with children check.

If you need assistance in collating this information for your club, please be in contact with your state office.


MPP Resources Available Online

The MPP Handbook, the MPP Management Tool Kit & The MPP Tribunal Rules & Procedures

These documents contain the policies and procedures and the aids that you will need to understand what  MPP is all about and what you need to do to manage an MPP issue when it arises. We ask you to take the time to become familiar with these documents and use them as your key reference point to deal with all MPP matters that affect you or your club.

Click here access these documents


Integrity Officers

Whilst all Clubs have a Compliance Officer, and they should be a Club Member's first contact point, we set out below a list of Integrity Officers that Compliance Officers and Club Officials can contact to assist you in the event that an MPP issue arises and you need help or simply someone to talk to about your MPP problem:

NSW - David Lewis
VIC - Dr Lesley Braun
WA - David Lenhoff
QLD - Ashleigh Lewis
National: Dr Yvonne Fayman

Call Maccabi Australia or your State Maccabi Office to be put in touch with the appropriate Integrity Officer. 


Our Commitment

Maccabi is committed to ensure that every person who participates in our organisation is treated with respect and dignity, and is protected from discrimination, harassment and abuse. The safety, wellbeing and rights of all of our members, but most specifically our children, is of paramount importance. It is up to each and every one of us, no matter what our role, to fully understand and give effect to our member protection responsibilities.

Maccabi is proud to be taking a leadership role in the implementation and administration of our Member Protection Policy not only for the benefit of our members but also for the wider community. 

Philip Sheezel
MAI Director
Chairperson of the MPP Sub Committee


If you have any questions about any of the matters set out in this bulletin or any other member protection issue that is currently affecting your club, please contact your relevant State or National  Maccabi Integrity Officer or you can contact Ellana Aarons, MAI’s Executive Director on 03 9563 5865.

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