Beginners Course


Students were all “quivering” with excitement!!!  Maccabi Archery Club  began its 6 week Beginners course last Sunday. Chris Binyon  a runner up in the World Master’s Archery Championship and Lynda Strawbridge,  a judge with Archery Australia and has been a National champion were our instructors. Maccabi Archery is indeed privileged to have people with such experience and expertise

 All students listened intently ; Noam Goldberg, Ethan Lemer, Mikey , Sam and Yoni Zulberg, and Jeremy ,Joshua and Daniel Raiter. A number of keen on-lookers would have to wait until the new year to join the next beginners course which was already partially filled. The current class was at full capacity. After the Safety and Archery etiquette talk, Chris walked us through the history of the bow through the ages. This included viewing models of the  Crossbow, Mongol , Long bow, and the Recurve. The correct technique for shooting arrows  was taught. We took it in turn to step up to the 10 metre line. Several students obtained bulls eyes! Next week scoring will be incorporated.

 For members of the general public, we will arrange a one off introductory session so that people can experience Archery without committing to a 6 week course.   Please register interest via our email

 waarchery@ For those who want to book a place in the next beginners please also register at Be quick …. There are limited places!


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