Maccabi WA Martial Arts

Learn these lifelong skills at  Maccabi Martial Arts Academy

* Discipline *Fitness*Confidence*Focus*Positive Mental Outlook* Self-defence

Tuesday Little Tigers 3.30 -4.30pm - Classes are for children from Kindergarten to Year 3 and will be run by the Maccabi Martial Arts Academy Black Belt instructors.

Tuesday and Thursday at 6-7pm  Juniors and  7-8pm  Senior / Black belt

in the Minigym  (Einihovici Raiter Room)

 We welcome new students at any time. Registration includes a new uniform, white belt, student booklet and membership to Maccabi WA. If there are more than 2 members from a family then the 3rd and subsequent members train without paying for classes. Come down for a free trial and enjoy the benefits.

 The entrance to the Dojang (training area) is located next to Adonis Park near the tennis courts .


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