2009 Hall of Fame

On the night each inductee was feted in a specially staged production. There were twenty two sporting inductees into the Hall of Fame, five administrators and ten international sportspeople. Two Legends were selected from the Hall of Fame. The classification of Legend was applied to those who immediately come to mind for their contributions to both sport and Maccabi in Western Australia.

The following were inducted into the Maccabi WA Hall of Fame at the Art Gallery of Western Australia on Sunday 8 March 2009. The names are listed in the order of presentation.

Tony Tate  
Joe Rosen  
Mervyn Sharp  
Marcus Adonis  
Alan Breckler  
International Roll of Honour
Carmel Cartoon Swimming (South Africa)
Russell Stein Table Tennis (South Africa)
Julian Kaplan  Soccer (South Africa)
Steven Baitz Swimming (Rhodesia as it was then)
Steven Pearson Chess (South Africa)
Gerald Simenson Gymnastics
John Freedman Squash
Barbara Adler Rhythmic Gymnastics
Shirley Shilbury Bridge
Donnelle Rockman Diving
Steve Herzberg Cricket
Joan Touyz Bridge
Shirley Bloch Lawn Bowls
Min Freedman  Bridge
Tony Masel Table Tennis
Michael Zusman Lawn Bowls
Dadie Greenfeld Bridge
Judy Freedman Squash
Keith Silbert Rugby
Tal Karp Soccer
Jack Lever Bridge
Abe Schneider Speedway
Debra Majteles Squash
Bonita Levine  Ten Pin Bowling
Lud Shilbury Table Tennis
Dan Mossenson  Squash
Barry Silbert  Rugby
Legends of Maccabi
Alan Breckler  
Joe Rosen  




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