Maccabi WA Constitution

Maccabi WA is an Incorporated constitution.

At the  2019 AGM our Constitution was updated - it is available to view below.

January 2021 - NOTICE OF MEETING

Special General Meeting of Maccabi Western Australia (Inc) (Maccabi)

Notice is given to the members of Maccabi in accordance with Article 41 of the constitution of Maccabi (Constitution) that a special general meeting of Members (Meeting) will be held at 8pm on 28th January 2021 at Gordon Bloomfield Hall.

The purpose of the Meeting is to consider and, if thought fit, pass the resolution referred to in this notice as a special resolution to amend the constitution of Maccabi.

Resolution - adoption of new constitution

To consider and, if thought fit, pass the following resolution as a special resolution:

"That the clean copy of the constitution submitted to the meeting, and for the purposes of identification, signed by the Chairperson of the meeting, is adopted as the constitution of Maccabi in substitution for the present constitution of the Maccabi (which is repealed)."

Explanatory Notes

Maccabi wishes to amend its constitution as set out in the marked-up document attached to this Notice.

The Executive believes that the amended constitution is largely equivalent to the existing constitution, with amendments having been made for clarity, consistency and compliance with the Act. However, Members should be aware that amendments have been proposed to clauses relating to "DEALINGS WITH LAND OR BUILDINGS" (previously clause 53, but now clause 60 and 61) to reflect that the Maccabi Executive has established an Asset Management Sub-Committee that deals with and manages the real property interests of Maccabi. Although it is contemplated that disposals (such as the sale) of real property interests will still require the endorsement of a special resolution of Members, amendments have been made to reflect that any decision to enter into lease arrangements do not require a special resolution of Members to provide Maccabi more flexibility going forward. This is relevant in the context of the proposed development of the new Jewish Community Centre and Holocaust Education Centre, which is to be located on Maccabi's property.

Under section 30 of the Act, Maccabi may only modify its constitution by special resolution of Members, which means that the proposed resolution must be passed by not less than three-fourths of the votes cast by Members eligible to vote at the Special General Meeting.

If the resolution is approved, the present constitution will be repealed and the new constitution will be adopted immediately following the passing of the resolution. If the resolution is not approved, the existing old constitution will remain unchanged.

Authorised by the Executive of Maccabi - Justine Sharbanee

President - Maccabi WA (Inc)

The proposed constitution is available below



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