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Maccabi Life Walk for Memory

Posted: 02-Jun-2019 by Maccabi WA


As part of a National event for Maccabi Life, Maccabi WA held their first Memory Walk and Jog last Sunday at the Maccabi Grounds to raise funds for Dementia Australia. Entrants had the choice of  4 lap, 2.6km walk or an 8 lap, 5.2km distance. There was  the buzz of the soccer games while everyone walked or ran and Prickly Pear prepared delicious coffee, cupcakes and mini pizzas for after the event. That combination, as well as the stunning weather, made for a carnival atmosphere.

It was lovely to see many 4 legged friends joining in the walk some in tutu’s and ribbons, and many different aged participants at different paces in our Maccabi life Green shirts. We were lucky to have Adrian Barich, former West Coast Eagle and now a channel 7 personality, as our Celebrity Starter who said a few words, then led us in a warm up to music and officially started the race.

Our main winners for the day were Kevin Blitz who despite walking with a stick, completed  8 laps, never faltering and Clare Rice who won the 5.2km jogging effortlessly and enthusiastically! Both were presented with vouchers for their efforts,  It was amazing to see.

The walk raised money for Dementia Australia with a small percentage going to Maccabi Life and our own Maccabi WA nominated clubs.

Our numbers exceeded our expectations with over 80 walkers on the day. We raised  $4334 which was a great achievement. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the event.

Thanks to main organiser Carol Sharbanee who did a superb job in getting the event off the ground and inviting Adrian to be our Celebrity host


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