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J Com Games WA a HUGE success

Posted: 18-Oct-2018 by Maccabi WA

A new initiative from Maccabi WA saw the inaugural J Com Games where about 60 over 18’s from Bnei ,Habonim, Maccabi and The Lone Wolves (CSG)  participated in  mixed netball, indoor soccer, ultimate Frisbee and a combined dodge ball game followed by a BBQ and after party. The competition was fierce with  the lone wolves hoping matching sportswear would psych out their competition - it worked!! Not to be put off by their snazzy uniforms the rivalry was tight especially in ultimate Frisbee where Bnei dominated . Maccabi showed great form in netball but unfortunately it wasn’t a consistent effort through other sports to get them to the top of the leader board- we need to work on our list management for next time! A very agile Josh Swersky played for Bnei and CSG switching shirts as necessary and climbing over fences to retrieve wild  Frisbees!  Even an 11 a side Maccabi vs 7 a side Bnei in Frisbee did not help their Maccabi’s  cause. Habo also showed great skill in Frisbee and were consistent through indoor soccer, but there could only be one Champion - CSG. Closely contested Runners up Habo then by 1 point Bnei and 1 point Maccabi.

Thanks to team Captains Jayden Kur, Asher Myerson, Jake Leibowitz and Eliza Sharbanee and head adjudicator Sami Toister and referees Lawrence Lewis and Belinda Wolpert for their efforts all day.

Thanks to North Perth Bendigo Bank for sponsoring the event

The rematch is coming in December.....anyone volunteering to play for Maccabi please contact us (especially State or National level in any sport!!)



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North Perth Bendigo Bank


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