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Maccabi Life Launch

Posted: 01-Jul-2018 by Maccabi WA

Maccabi has played a key role in the life of the Jewish community in Australia for decades

As the largest Jewish grass-roots organisation Australia, Maccabi boasts more than 90 years of heritage, 9000 members, 52 sporting clubs and an estimated 35,000 supporters across the country.

We believe we are well positioned to provide more to the Jewish community in response to current trends.

We would like to help the community tackle such issues as childhood obesity, sedentary lifestyles, screen addiction, mental health issues, diabetes, declining heart health and increased levels of cancer.

We can do this through our New Initiative, Maccabi Life.

Maccabi Life includes a new and unique set of programs and activities designed to support the community.  

Programs provided will include health and wellbeing content from the best minds across the country, access and support to education, seminars, workshops and unstructured sports activities for those in the community who want to get healthier, in development is a loyalty program with rewards, discounts on health and wellbeing products and services and ultimately Health and Wellbeing Centres in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

The Maccabi Life Portal, launched on 28 June 2018, offers an encyclopaedia of health and health-related articles, a free wellness assessment and ongoing information to assist members on their wellbeing journey.

In August, we will have launch events in each state with keynote speakers on key topics of health and wellness.

The long-term vision of Maccabi Life will see the establishment of a health and wellbeing education and training program, events and a program for unstructured sports such as walking tours

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