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Maccabi Commemorates Yom HasHoah on the Oval

Posted: 04-Apr-2018 by Maccabi WA


Sunday 29th April 2.30pm at the Maccabi Oval

Just before Maccabi Mens Soccer game WA Maccabi will be commemorating YomHaShoah  with a meaningful gesture of solidarity before the game, reminding us that just like the members of Maccabi today, survivors of the Holocaust, their families and friends who perished, were also avid sportsmen and women. 

Even though the Holocaust ended over 70 years ago there are many lessons we can learn and apply to our lives today.

  • Remembering the  Holocaust, reminds us of the dangers of racism and prejudice because of the devastation they can cause.
  • We are reminded to treat each other fairly regardless of our differences, whether in our physical appearance, our religious beliefs or the country from which our family originated.
  • Lastly we are reminded to protect our tolerant and multicultural way of life and stand up against injustice for all people.


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