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Fresh New Faces for Maccabi WA Executive

Posted: 06-May-2017 by Maccabi WA

Maccabi WA is delighted to announce 5 new members for the Executive committee for 2017.

These 5 new comers join our 6 stalwarts who have made big contributions to the Maccabi and WA community. This gives us a very healthy committee of 11.

President Joan Hillman is delighted to have the new fresh young faces on the committee explaining that many of these new people have young involved sporty children who understand the complexitiesand enjoyment from being involved in a Maccabi club.

On the huge success of Perth carnival we are very confident for the future of Maccabi WA.

President                                           Joan Hillman

Vice President                                  Justine Sharbanee

Treasurer                                           Fred Marx

Secretary                                           Debbie Katz

Sports Liaison                         Mike Gomer

General Representatives              Haley Koff

                                                            Belinda Wolpert

                                                            Dawn Ott

                                                            Natalie Schaffer

                                                            Jeremy Raiter

                                                            Carol Sharbanee




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