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Slam Dunk Final Win

Posted: 06-Apr-2015 by Maccabi WA

This year Maccabi  had 3 Junior basketball teams  in the grand finals at the Warwick Basketball Comp. The 2 x U/12 teams both wone their grand finals, white team won in the division 3 and blue team in the division 4. The U/14 team were runners up in their grand final. It was their first year of basketball for all the teams . Big thank you to Ronnie Braunstein, Simone Hesse and coach Henry Cooper for getting the Maccabi Basketball club up and running again.

Coach Henry Cooper couldn't have been happier; "This season with these teams has to be the most rewarding for me in my coaching career. We started with enthusiasm. An enthusiasm for the game of basketball. And we took that enthusiasm and moulded it into passion. That passion we created showed up every time we took the floor to compete. The kids told me that they could have never done this with out me. My response was, "I'm not the one on the court playing the game. Give yourselves all the credit in the world because its your ability and your will that got you there". They started the season as players, but they ended the season as leaders. Seeing them work hard and to have an outcome like this made me extremely proud of them. They earned every good word about them. They're my guys."




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