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Maccabi WA 2014 Awards

Posted: 02-Dec-2014 by Maccabi WA

Maccabi works to connect our Jewish community through sport. It is important that as part of this we identify, recognise and reward sporting and leadership achievements. To this end, Maccabi WA is now seeking nominations for its 2014 Annual Awards. Note: A nominee may be nominated in respect of more than one sport

1. George Cohen Jewish Sportsperson of the Year  (Outstanding Jewish and or Maccabi  Sportswoman or Sportsman of the year award in Open and  or Masters category)

2. Maurice Krasenstein Junior Sportsperson of the Year Award (Outstanding Jewish and or  Maccabi Junior Sportswoman or Sportsman of the year award in Junior category)

3. Joe Rosen Most Outstanding Performance by an individual or team playing for Maccabi WA (Senior)        

4. Joe Rosen Most Outstanding Performance by an individual or team playing for Maccabi WA (Junior)

5. Ethel Finkelstein Rising Star Award

6. Ivan Sharp Administrator of the Year Award


To be eligible to win any of the awards, the individual must be an Eligible Person as defined in the Maccabi Australia constitution:
Eligibility for a Maccabi award – to be eligible for a Maccabi Award (Awards i-vii), the individual must be a Maccabi member who either represents a Maccabi club or achieves/competes at a Maccabi sanctioned event. Only those performances achieved with the Maccabi Club or at the Maccabi event will be considered.
Junior – to be eligible for a Junior award, the individual must be competing as a junior as defined by the sporting body/event and/or be 18 and under at the time of the achievement
Masters – to be eligible for a Masters award, the individual must be competing as a master as defined by that sporting body/event or be 50 or over at the time of achievement.

Eligibility for Maccabi Australia Awards

The winners of the State awards in each of these categories will then become eligible for the National Award. Whilst all state winners are eligible for the national awards, the national Selection Committee may not deem them of sufficient standard to receive national recognition. Further to this, the national Selection Panel has the right not to award in a particular category.

Maccabi Club Administrator – to be eligible for the national Administrator Award, the individual must be achieving within the club structure.

All nominations must be submitted in the prescribed format with documented references to the results. Only that information provided on the nomination form will be used to determine eligibility and award winners.

Nominations  to be submitted to:

 Nominations close:  31 December 2014



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