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Dedication of Adonis Park. Play Hard ,Play Fair

Posted: 16-Nov-2014 by Maccabi WA

Recently Maccabi WA was honoured to name the area of land where the former grass tennis courts were, as Adonis Park. The generous Adonis Family led by Dr Marc Adonis, chose to acknowledge their families involvement in Maccabi with the dedication of this land.

It was an emotional day for the family consisting of the 4 siblings Marc Adonis, David Adonis , Judith Hirschfield, and Ruth Cohen and their families as they celebrated with a lovely morning tea and the unveiling of the plaque by the Honourable Michael Sutherland  MLA  Member for Mount Lawley.

Tony Tate introduced the Adonis family and then Marc replied by saying  that the dedication was about how the Adonis family fit into the Maccabi community. He had been involvement with Maccabi for over 40 years, playing Maccabi soccer since he was 10, his Mum and Dad met at a Maccabi carnival, and he even met his wife Di through Maccabi soccer as a youngster. Marc invited his little brother Dood to the stage, getting emotional as he reminisced about their many happy years playing and organising soccer, tennis, and cricket for Maccabi. The morning ended with Marc saying he was hopeful for the future of Maccabi and encouraged that Maccabi was in a positive phase moving forward.

Alan Shear President of Maccabi WA explained that the use of Adonis Park was yet to be confirmed but when the lighting was installed (from the funds raised at the Maccabi auction) the land could be a mini soccer oval at night, and was currently being used by the newly formed Maccabi Archery club during the day.




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