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WA Introduces 2 new clubs

Posted: 26-May-2014 by Maccabi WA

Maccabi WA Cycling Club

Maccabi is looking for new members to join its Cycling Club,and for an expression of interest in wind-training sessions with a professional coach. Attaching one’s bike to a wind-trainer allows for indoor stationary cycling, an excellent solution for keeping active during the winter months when outide conditions may not be ideal.The sessions will be led by Coach Paul Loring, an accredited triathlon and cycling coach with years of experience. If you would like to join Maccabi’s exciting new sessions, please send your expression of interest to Shiri (, with regards to the following:

• Whether or not you own a wind-trainer, and/or bike

• Times you would be available

(Tuesday evening / Wednesday morning / Wednesday evening / Mon - Fri daytime)

• Expectations from the training (general tness / weight loss / competitive cycling)

Maccabi WA Archery Club

Please shoot us an email with expressions of interest to join a Sunday shoot out at Maccabi Oval and to learn archery. Email:


Maccabi WA on facebook
North Perth Bendigo Bank


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