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Maccabi U11 North Green VS Wembley Downs

Posted: 14-Feb-2013 by Soccer

U11 North Green : Wembley Downs vs Maccabi

The Under 11 team played away against Wembley Downs at Butlers Reserve, Scarborough on a pitch that was almost full size. Perhaps an administrative oversight on the part of the grounds scheduler had us playing on such a big pitch. It was a nice cool cloudy day for soccer with the threat of rain.

Once again it took a little while for Maccabi to warm up. Although Wembley Downs had the first crack at attacking the goal it was Maccabi who had the first genuine chance at scoring with a good right cross from Josh Leib met by a good header from Noam Harries only to hit the post. Eden Lee Schaffer tried to follow it up with a volley but missed as well. With the adrenaline starting to flow Maccabi scored an early goal courtesy of Jared Lee from a weak goal throw by the opposition keeper. It was the ideal start to an away game.

The next part of the match became an arm wrestle with both teams showing plenty of attack with Maccabi doing their best to cope with the massive field especially in defense. Wembley Downs applied a lot of pressure on Maccabi with our defenders holding their own. It was just a matter of time though until our defense caved. Wembley Downs scored a goal with some pressure from the Maccabi defense.

The opposition team seemed to be finding their feet while our team was already feeling the effects of the big pitch. The home team scored their 2nd goal which just slipped away from our keeper bouncing on the post and then to the keeper before going in.

The opposition scored again to bring their lead up 3-1 at half time.

It could have been a lot worst if not for some hard core pace and defensive heroics from Alon Tucker who stopped at least a couple of sure goals from Wembley Downs’ attackers who for a few seconds found themselves just facing the lone Maccabi goal keeper.

Maccabi fought back bravely and had Wembley under massive pressure in the last 10 mins of the game. The Maccabi spirit lifted and the team found a few good opportunities to attack but unfortunately not finding the goal. As a few parents joked on the sidelines it became a game of cross bar challenge after at least 1 attempt from both teams hit the crossbar. There was some good action until the end of the game, with both teams trying their best to score but it was always going to be Wembley Downs day with a 2 goal buffer.

Maccabi has to be commended for their passion and courage for being able to handle the physicality of the game and never giving up. They really need to be proud of their effort against a very strong Wembley Downs team. I’m sure Maccabi will be taking home some valuable lessons from the game which will bring them in good stead for the season ahead.

Check out the game on Youtube:

The next game is at home against Joondalup City on 5th May.


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