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Kids still going 'Hot and Strong' in 2nd week of Carnival Social Calendar

Posted: 27-Jan-2014 by Maccabi WA


After a hectic day at Adventure World all the participants enjoyed a relaxed outdoor pasta night at the Maccabi Oval. Beanbags were scattered over the grass and an indoor movie was playing for those too tired to socialise. All the participants who celebrated their birthday during the week of carnival were acknowledged with a dessert of birthday cake.

Monday night once again saw everyone getting wet at a Splash Down party at Bayswater Waves Indoor pool. kids were spoilt for choice with a wave pool, outdoor obsticle course, indoor water volleyball, water slides or "twisting by the pool" to our DJ Mazzy. This was a relaxed fun night with all the Youth leaders and Managers managing to get in to the pool - by choice or not!.

The closing formal farewell party  'Dress to Impress' was held at the Jewish Centre which was decked out in illuminated furniture, photo booth and interactive graffiti wall which kept all aged participants busy. Even though it was a sweltering night, the DJ had everyone dancing for hours. It was so nice to see the effort all the kids made with the theme many wearing bow ties, suit jackets and the girls in their Bat Mitzvah and Dance dresses. The graffiti wall is a new party item for Perth and some of the print outs from our budding artists are in the photo gallery below.

As closing time drew many tears were shed as the kids realised this was the last time they would all be together. The goodbyes took over an hour whilst billeting parents had to wait patiently for the never ending goodbyes to finish, and reluctantly take billets home home to bed for early morning flights the next morning.

All photos courtesy of Julie K Photography and a few photos courtesy of  Social Manager Justine Sharbanee



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