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Afternoon Closing Ceremony and Awards Presentation lets kids "Dress to Impress" for Formal Farewell

Posted: 27-Jan-2014 by Maccabi WA

The Closing Ceremony for Carnival was held straight after the afternoon sports.  In a sign of unity for the weeks’ activities and the many friendships made, all the States sat together. By this time a lot of the kids had swapped shirts- even with Team Managers and Youth leaders, so it was hard to know who was from what State.

The youngest competitors from each State were given the honour of bringing in their State flags to a rousing applause from all the participants. The ceremony proceeded with a few short speeches from each State thanking the various organising committees of the Carnival: Sport, Billeting, Social, Security, and Catering and of course Co-Managers Karen and Howard Steinberg.

Each State then gave out their own award for their best Sportsmen. The recipients were

NSW- The David Sellinger Memorial Award- Camilla Hirsch and Aaron Lubrainschik

Victoria- The Nathan Hofbauer Memorial Award - Maya Burstein and Matthew Beaconsfield

QLD - Denise Lee Memorial Award for Female Sportsperson - Noa Lehavi and Reuben Pelerman Memorial Award for Male Sportsperson - Mark Fisher

WA – Justin Sandler Memorial Award for Sportsmanship – Adam Kerbel and Ariel Berelowitz

Along with Maccabi WA President Alan Shear, Co-Managers Karen and Howard Steinberg, had  the privilege of closing the 32nd Maccabi Junior Carnival by extinguishing the flame with the help of Marley Schloss-Waters from QLD, the Grandson of Jocelyn Kahn who the Junior Carnival Memorial Flame is in memory of. The carnival flag was handed on to Victoria for the 33rd Junior Carnival as Executive Director of MAI Ellana Aarons showed a very exciting PowerPoint entising everyone to come again next year.

300 tired and hot children  had the chance to recoup for a couple of hours to get dressed up in their ‘Dress to Impress’ gear for the Formal Farewell party. 

All photos courtesy of Julie K Photography



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