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LML (Loving My life) at Carni Social Events

Posted: 19-Jan-2014 by Maccabi WA

The social events of Carnival require the most amount of stamina from the participants, with one WA boy saying, “This is like being at my own Bar Mitzvah -7 nights in a row!!” Taking into consideration the heat Perth experiences in January Perth carnival Social director Justine Sharbanee and her committee, decided that most Social events needed to involve water- being on it, swimming in it or being 'sloshed  and splashed' with it. The opening ceremony party set the tone with a , “Let’s get ridiculous” bang, and ended up being a dance party instead of the intended relax and get to know everyone night. The next event was at Club Bay View one of Perth’s established night clubs in trendy Claremont where the kids; “took over the night”. It was sweltering inside the club but Management was met with loud Boo's when they encouraged the kids to get fresh air and drink lots of water. Note for the social committee next year – just have this night in a sports club sauna- same effect!!

The next evening was much cooler and the kids enjoyed a twilight disco down the beautiful Swan River. Shabbat gave everyone a much needed rest until the Foam-O party on Saturday night. Led by 4 well known Perth Hip Hop DJ’s and a lighting expert who specializes in underage events, the Maccabi Grounds Tennis Courts were transformed into a Festival Arena for the night partitioned off by a 6 foot x 7 foot inflatable DVD screen. Kids ran in and out of the foam danced around and chilled on the beanbags dragged outside for the night.

A 39 degree day at Adventure World saw many kids hot and tired by Sunday night so a quiet indoor movie and pasta evening was greatly appreciated.

Only a splash down pool party and the formal farewell to go and we promise the kids will be returned to their home States ready to sleep away the rest of the week.

All photos courtesy of Julie K Photography



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