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WA Maccabi Martial Arts has final grading for 2013

Posted: 19-Dec-2013 by Maccabi WA


The Maccabi Martial Art Academy held their final grading for the year on Tuesday 26th November 2013. The following students were successful in achieving their next belt!

Yellow:Rachelle Ninio

Green : Ella Carter, Yonatan Zulberg

Green-black: Dan and Jordan Shuhandler

Blue: Ofir Ben Dror and Adam Levy

Blue-Black: Royie and  Maya Rahamim

Red : Gila Cherny

Red-Black: Sam Meekan and Tirzah Grant

Black-White: Liam Loveridge

Our students have trained hard and working well through the ranks to attain their next belts.  In the new year we are expecting several students to be going for their black belt grading mid-year. This will be the first time for such an event in our club and will be open to the whole community to attend.

Discipline, fitness, and learning self defense are all obvious benefits of joining the Academy. It's also fun!

We are excited about being the first club to be registered in the new Maccabi Sport and Fitness Inc. Members have to first join Maccabi WA and memberships for year 2014 will be open soon. A new fee structure will be available. We will have our own chat line through a new software package which will help us run the club more efficiently. Photo ID cards will be made in the new year and these will be able to be scanned to give students up to date information about their class numbers and curriculum requirements. The Academy will close over the holiday period from mid December to mid January.

 We would like to thank all our instructors Mr Grant, Mr Carter, Mr Somers and trainee instructors Joshua Raiter and Kayli Posner for all their hard work and dedication throughout 2013.

Jeremy Raiter President

Info on classes for 2014

Classes are on Tuesday and Thursday  children from 6-7pm and adults from 7-8pm. Mixed Martial Arts is Wednesday from 6.30-7.30pm .

Registration fee include uniform, white belt, student booklet and membership to Maccabi WA. If there are more than 2 members from a family then the 3rd and subsequent members train without paying for classes. Come down for a free trial and enjoy the benefits.


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