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Maccabi WA has Charismatic and Inspiring New Leader

Posted: 17-Apr-2013 by Maccabi WA

Alan Shear the new President of Maccabi WA is a charismatic and inspiring leader and his brand of inclusive management with the community is a new deal. He promises to take Maccabi and the Maccabean Grounds into an era of financial stability and communal respect.

What are your three main objectives for the organisation over the next three years?

1. Our first objective is to make Maccabi a financially stable organisation. Maccabi used to rely heavily on philanthropy. However each Jewish organisation in our community knocks on the same donors' doors, and as more and needier people require assistance we cannot base our model on donations. So, as a non-profit organisation, we will each year, after donations and membership revenue, calculate what our shortfalls are and then be in a position to break our facilities down into cost centres. Then, we will need to recoup the costs from those members who use that particular facility. This is the concept of "user pays" system.
2. We are the curators of the Grounds and as such, the landlords. We need to put structures into place so that we can manage our asset effectively. The Leadership team should have credibility, so that any of our partners (via Carmel School, Jewish Centre, CSG and all the other organisations), are able to feel a sense of stability when dealing with a responsible team. To this end, we will endeavour to attract high profile individuals, within our community as well as the Eastern States, and the Maccabi World body. Like the Maccabees, we need to have ‘commanders in chief' that identify with our organisation.
3. Whilst we do live in a diversified society, our community can still have a place that they can call "their own". If these Grounds have the right attractions, there is no reason why Maccabi can't be the meeting place for a beer, a chat to "old mates", a cup of coffee, and if I have licence to dream, a children’s playground, a bakery, a medical centre, a Holocaust Museum, a library, a theatre, a function centre, and many other things that will bind our community. In fact as we speak there are groups of very active and enthusiastic people who are in the planning stages. I intend to embrace these groups and again, as the Landlord and curator of the Grounds, be part of the driving force to make the development of the facilities happen. So again in very simple terms; if we build it, they will come (as long as it’s what people want).

How will you build membership?

We will form alliances with our partners, and organisations with a view to appealing to all the Perth community to join our great organisation. All things previously mentioned, will of course need to come together to make it a reasonable proposition for someone to join, and be part of these Grounds. Something that I'd like all of us to contemplate is - these Grounds are actually the community's grounds, they belong to each and every one of us. We need to preserve them; in fact it’s our duty to preserve them. And yes, the Executive of Maccabi WA needs the help of everyone to help in the preservation.

Do you have plans to bring more Clubs into Maccabi WA?

Maccabi has always been willing in this area, but the infrastructure and process has stopped it from happening. So what Maccabi has done is set up an incorporated sub club - called Maccabi Fitness Centre. This entity has the infrastructure of President, Secretary and Treasurer, and can now provide the management for any sub club that wishes to operate - without them having to have a Constitution and committee.
To date we've had enquiries from groups who want to introduce sports like Cycling, Spinning, Aerobics and Pilates into Maccabi, and this structure is now the ideal way to bring everyone on board.

The Grounds are a wonderful asset for Maccabi and the Perth Jewish Community. How will you maintain and improve the facilities over the next three years?

Ongoing maintenance is very important part of our grounds, and car park. A big initiative is to introduce mini-soccer into Maccabi, and to this end, we have identified the area between the Tennis Courts and the Jewish Centre as the perfect ‘space'. In the interests of safety, there have been suggestions that our grounds are fenced, so we really need to look at the pros and cons, and viability of this option. On a much larger scale, there have been various groups who have been involved with exploring the development of a New Jewish Centre. I believe that Maccabi, as the landlord, has the ability to drive this project in a more positive direction.

After the very successful 60th Anniversary of the Grounds function in November 2012 what other social events is Maccabi planning over the next 12 - 18 months?

This is going to be a fairly action packed 12 - 18 months - Our largest function is the Junior Carnival scheduled for January 2014, and promises to be a spectacular event. We are hoping to attract between 300 to 350 children from around Australia. In July this year the Maccabiah Games in Israel will be taking place and Maccabi WA will farewell around 21 participants and administrators.

The next Hall of Fame will be held in 2014 - It's been 4 years since our inaugural extravaganza event. We also plan on having a WOW Auction Night in November 2013, where sporting memorabilia will be displayed and auctioned off. Then, as part of our initiative of ‘bringing the community together', we envisage having Community events, at Purim, Channukah and the like, which will bring the community down to our beautiful grounds. We believe that these functions will be run as joint ventures with our youth groups.



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