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WA kids have a blast at Sydney Junior Carnival

Posted: 06-Feb-2013 by Maccabi WA

Billed as, 'The best carnival ever ", WA kids raved about the fun they had at the recent Sydney Junior Carnival. WA team manager Mark Abro and Assistant Manager Maxine Berman said that they were so proud of the way the Perth kids participated and behaved, making huge amounts of friends and enjoying every aspect of the week long event. Sydney organising committee have to be congratulated for their efforts in creating a different and interesting new format. Many of the sports were great fun and easy to participate in, but there was also the competitive aspect in the team sports. Mark and Maxine were brilliant Managers and from all reports back to WA Maccabi,we are to be proud of them and the way they handled and organised the kids.

WA Youth Leaders Amy Duke and Zak Fleisher also have to be congratulated on their efforts, both new to Youth Leading, they connected with and kept the kids safe and under control at all times. Zak is not new to carnivals, having participated in 5, he said the atmosphere and fun of this carnival was absolutely fantastic.

All the kids are really excited for Junior carnival 2014 in Perth and most parents were told as they picked up their kids from the airport; 'We're having 8 billets next year!!!"



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