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Mark Abro Football Academy (MAFA) 2013 Programme

Posted: 06-Feb-2013 by Maccabi WA

Mark Abro is starting his EPS football Academy training on Wednesday 6th February. Mark Abro says; " I am confident that we can deliver a program and a product that will produce and develop players and open doors for those who want a career in football. It will also assist in developing younger players technically , physically and mentally for sport and team interaction. " But Mark is alwo mindful  about keeping kids in the game regardless of strength or ability as  young players develop at different times. An average player today can overtake his mates and become a pro just as quickly as the more talented ones."

Mark  also emphasises that the focus of  EPS is more around Football Intelligence, Gameplay, Total Football and position understanding as opposed to just the technical development. They hone in on game situations and how the young players adapt in pressure or game like situations.

Key Points to the MAFA EPS

• Football Intelligence
• Total Football
• Understanding of roles and responsibilities in all positions
• Direct feedback to players and parents
• EPS Playing philosophy – possession, attack, get forward, express yourself, 2 to 3 touch, move ball quickly, never panic mistakes are good for us, positive communication from coach, players and parents.
• Systems of play 4-3-3,4-4-2, 4-5-1, modern shapes and adaptations
• Possession
• Playing under pressure
• Protect and shield ball
• Shooting & Finishing
• Play in all thirds of the field
• Technical development – 1st touch, passing, turning, receiving and movement
• Creative play in final third
• Switching and width
• Defensive shape and playing out of the back
• Ball Mastery and FUN !!!



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