24 April 2021 - Round 1 Winter

The new Winter Pennant season commenced on Saturday.  Rain affected play as two Maccabi teams won, one team lost and two teams drew.  Maccabi is fielding 5 teams and there are a further 2 teams competing in the BRTA Winter competition, which starts in 2 weeks.


Grade 4 Maccabi 2-3-32 drew with Bruce Park 2-3-27

Jess Flicker/Robert Minc 8-4

Ryan Sharp/Damon Flicker 4-8

Max Needleman 0-0

James Oklander 6-2 6-0

Ryan Sharp 0-0

Damon Flicker 6-7 2-6


Grade 6 Black Rock 3-6-56 def Maccabi 0-2-39

Jamie Muscatel/Marty Schwarz 3-8

Jordan Jaffe/Warren Steinberg 3-8

Jamie Muscatel 3-6 6-3

Marty Schwarz 2-6 3-6

Jordan Jaffe 4-6 5-5

Warren Steinberg 7-5 3-3


Grade 8 Maccabi 1-2-30 drew with Beaumaris 3-5-33

Jan Tenenberg/Ryan Behr 8-9

Jonny Henquin/Daniel Henquin 8-5

Jan Tenenberg 0-0

Ryan Behr 2-6 6-0 7-10

Jonny Henquin 3-6 3-6

Daniel Henquin 0-0


Grade 9 Maccabi 3-5-44 def Black Rock 2-4-35
Steven Kleytman/Adam Needleman 3-8
Lachie Zuker/Ayden Carp 8-5
Steven Kleytman 3-6 0-6
Adam Needleman 4-6 2-1
Lachie Zuker 6-0 6-1
Ayden Carp 6-1 6-1

The contest was very close on the scoreboard with our team just edging their team before torrential rain washed out the contest. There was only one rubber to complete. I believe we won the day.
This year our team is brimming with young tennis talent. Lachie Zuker and Ayden Carp carried the team today and I suspect it will not be the only time. I look forward to seeing them get better and stronger as the year progresses.
On an interesting note the guy I played wins most local marathons and cross countries. Before the match today he did a training drill up and down grassy hills completing the 5km course in under 15 minutes. Very impressive indeed.
- Adam Needleman


Grade 10 Maccabi 5-9-62 def Tennis World 1-2-23

Joel Rabinov/ Daniel Goodrich 8-4
Ben Pollak/ Jack Stock 8-0
Ben 6-1 4-6 9-11
Joel Rabinov 6-0, 6-0 (Forfeit)
Daniel Goodrich 6-3 6-4
Jack Stock 6-3 6-1

Opening our season against a new Tennis World side (so new in fact that only one of them had made it to the courts by 1:30), the opposition number 2 was a no-show (and an automatic win for us).
Joel and Daniel did what they had to do in a pretty straight forward 8-4 doubles win.
Ben hit the ground running(6-1), before being on the wrong side of a match he should have won after being up 4-3 (lost 4-6) and then lost the match tiebreak (9-11).
Daniel played well for 6-3, 5-4. Unfortunately he then injured his back (which meant he couldn't bend, serve or run). Adrenaline got him over the line (or rather the fact that his opponent kept hitting unforced errors) to close it out 6-4.
Jack did what he does best and wore his opponent down for a 6-3, 6-1 win.
Overall: A soft start to the season. Will need to step it up a few gears next week against a familiar Dendy Park outfit at Dendy.
- Joel Rabinov


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