20 March 2021 - Summer Finals

Section 6 players Dean Steinberg and Adam Needleman with their Runners Up flag
Members of the section 9 team pictured earlier this season L to R: Joel Rabinov (capt), Ben Pollak, Errol Dorfan and Daniel Goodrich. Absent: Jack Stock
Section 5 runners-up L to R: Ryan Behr, Jan Tenenberg, Marcus Frajman (capt), Matias Brener, Daniel Henquin

Two of Maccabi's seven teams (Section 5 and Section 6) qualified for the Grand Final in the Bayside Regional Tennis Association (BRTA) summer competition that was hastily put together as soon as coronavirus restrictions were lifted in October.  Both teams were on the losing side but with Winer competition beginning on April 24, players and teams are already looking ahead to a return to regular competition featuring more clubs and more matches.  Meanwhile, Maccabi's Section 9 team secured 2nd place in a 4-team section and there was no Grand Final played.


Section 5 Kings Park 3-4-40 def Maccabi 3-4-38

Matias Brener 8-5

Jan Tenenberg 1-8

Marcus Frajman 8-3

Ryan Behr 6-8

Marcus Frajman/Daniel Henquin 1-6 2-6

Matias Brener/Ryan Behr 6-1 6-3

There was very little separating our side from Kings Park.  Matias enjoyed the long rallies in an entertaining match with his opponent.  Jan's opponent was probably the best player in their team and he was simply too good in both matches that he played.  Marcus found his serving rhythm and consistency from the back of the court.  Ryan played a strong young player and worked his way back from 5-2 down but fell just short.  So it was 2-2 and we were only one game behind after singles.
In doubles, the two matches were quite one sided.  Matias and Ryan had not played too much together but were pretty clinical against their opponents.  Unfortunately, Marcus and Daniel were not able to win enough games and keep the pressure up for long enough so the final margin of 2 games reflected the closeness of the day and we can all be proud of our efforts and try to improve for next season.
- Marcus Frajman


Section 6 Maccabi 0-0-13 Lost to Le Page 4-4-32
Dean Steinberg 0-8
Warren Steinberg 7-8
Steven Kleytman 5-8
Adam Needleman 1-8

One team was dominant all year and deserved to win the GrandFinal !
Unfortunately , it was not the brave boys from Maccabi who still had a very good season. Beating a very talented team , three of whom had not lost a rubber all season was too big a task . Two of their players represented the BRTA association a couple of weeks ago and almost won the prestigious Pat Cash competition, played in Yarrawonga.
Warren Steinberg played the same player who beat him 3-8 four weeks ago on an unfamiliar surface and looked the goods at times . In fact up 4-1 and serving he lost a pivotal game which lasted for over ten minutes. This changed the match from a dominant contest into a high standard defensive probing grind from both players. The tie break could have gone either way. Superb effort from Warren.
Steven Kleytman also had a chance going toe to toe with his opponent. At 5-5 a fatigue set in and points won earlier were lost. Also a plucky effort enabled by controlled backhand slices deep which prevented his opponent from playing the aggressive game he enjoys.
Dean Steinberg and Adam Needleman dreamed of overcoming their strong undefeated opponents before the match. That was as close as they got.
- Adam Needleman


Section 9 Maccabi 4-6-47 defeated Ormond 2-2-36

Ben Pollak 4-8
Joel Rabinov 2-8
Daniel Goodrich 8-3
Jack Stock 8-3
Joel/ Daniel 7-5, 6-2
Ben/ Jack 6-4, 6-3.

Knowing that we had to beat Ormond to have even the slightest chance of finishing first, that was the aim with 3 courts available (that featured an unorthodox court allocation).
Unfortunately Ben could get very little going on serve and against a bogey opponent he lost 8-4.
Joel was in a close tussle. Down 0-2; before back to 2all. Unfortunately the next 3 games had chances but couldn’t win any of third games. The game for 2-5 really was the straw that broke the camels back, with Joel fading on serve (technique got lost) for a 2-8 result.
Daniel played a good game until 6-1 where hit hit a few unforced efforts in two games before finishing it off 8-3.
Ben and Jack started shakily going down 4-2, however they really hit their straps and took the first set 6-4. The second set started similarly with Ben and Jack going down 3-0 but then regained momentum and won it 6-3.
For Joel and Daniel, it was easier to hold serve if u were Joel or Joel’s singles opponent. Was tougher for Daniel and his opponent (although Joel did make it a bit tough for Daniel with some missed volleys). Anyway, from 4-5 with the opponents serving, they got the break and ended up closing out the set for 7-5, before Daniel eventually holding serve and grew that lead to 3-0. Ended up finishing the doubles in style by breaking Joel’s opponent for 6-2.
Jack does what he does best (winning long rallies and forcing the opponent to make unforced errors) in a 8-3 win.
Overall: Great to get our first away win. This was probably Ben and Jack’s best doubles performance of the season. I believe it’s the first time that Daniel and I have won doubles together. It was a really positive way to finish the season and gives us confidence ahead of winter pennant.
- Joel Rabinov


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