13 March 2021 - Round 10 Summer

Gloomy weather did not dampen the spirits for Section 9 in their new Maccabi shirts. L to R: Joel Rabinov (capt), Ben Pollak, Errol Dorfan and Daniel Goodrich

In the final round of the season for most teams, rain played a big part and the only completed result was due to a walkover.



Section 2 Williamstown 2-4-26 drew with Maccabi 0-0-17

Joey Pat/Jess Flicker 1-6 5-7

Steven Gostin/Marty Schwarz 2-6 3-6

Schwarz 6-1


Section 4 BLTC 0-1-11 drew with Maccabi 0-1-17

Ryan Sharp/Damon Flicker 6-7

Jordan Jaffe/Geoff Rosenberger 6-2 5-2


Section 5 Maccabi 1-1-20 drew with Kings Park 0-0-12

Matias Brener 3-4

Jan Tenenberg 5-4

Marcus Frajman 4-4

Ryan Behr 8-0


Section 6 Maccabi 6-8-56 def Albert Park 0-0-0



Section 9 Maccabi 3-3-29 drew with Carmelite 0-0-12
Ben Pollak 8-0
Joel Rabinov 8-5
Daniel Goodrich 8-5
Errol Dorfan 5-2

We had 4 courts against Carmelite.
Ben did well in a 8-0 performance.
Joel had a rare day of not dropping a point in his first 4 service games. Dropped a bit of concentration fter having 5-0 to win 8-5.
Daniel did what he had to do in a 8-5 performance.
Errol played his toughest opponent so far this season. Unfortunately the rain came before Errol could finish it off (5-2).
Overall: Highlight of the day was seeing all 8 courts having a player wearing a Maccabi shirt! As for us, hopefully we can close out the season with our first away win at Ormond, before moving onto Winter pennant in a months time.
- Joel Rabinov


Section 10 Patterson Lakes 2-2-16 drew with Maccabi 2-3-28

Daniel Vertes 8-0 W/O

Nathan Rapoport 2-8

Avi Gigi 6-8

Mark Lazarovits 0-0

Vertes/Gigi 6-0 6-0 W/O



Section 2 Maccabi


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