20 February 2021 - Round 8 Summer

In Round 8, there were 3 wins, 3 losses and one bye.



Section 2 Langwarrin 5-7-59 def Maccabi 1-2-44

Max Needleman 6-8

Steven Gostin 7-8

Jan Tenenberg 5-8

Ryan Behr 6-8

Needleman/Gostin 6-3 4-6 7-6

Tenenberg/Behr 1-6 2-6

First of all thx to jan and Ryan for helping out
Very warm conditions to play tennis with 4 courts for singles
We all went on and performed very competitively as can be seen by the scores
Max 6/8 just shot selection the only difference
Steven 7/8 had match point in the tiebreaker but just didn’t take
Jan 5/8 just lacked a little bit of consistency
Ryan 6/8 just a few points here and there made the difference
Max/Steven teamed up for a very admirable win 6/3 4/6 7/6
Jan/Ryan tried hard but went down 2&1
Overall a good effort on the day
- Steven Gostin


Section 4 Patterson Lakes 3-5-59 def Maccabi 3-5-53

Ryan Sharp 8-4

Damon Flicker 4-8

Marty Schwarz 8-5

Jonny Henquin 5-8

Sharp/Flicker 1-6 7-6 7-6

Schwarz/Henquin 6-4 4-6 3-6


Section 5



Section 6 Maccabi 6-8-56 beat BLTC 0-0-16

Dean Steinberg 8-6

Warren Steinberg 8-2

Steven Kleytman 8-1

Adam Needleman 8-1

Steinberg/Steinberg 6-1 6-1

Kleytman/Needleman 6-1 6-3

We expected  to play in 33 degree heat on clay. Instead the cool breeze from the ocean made it a very pleasant afternoon. They stupidly gave us the only two hard courts they have ! Our boys did what was expected against the bottom team. I do not think anybody played particularly well but it was quite difficult to time the ball on lightning fast hardcourt, with balls that stayed almost new throughout. I am hoping that this result creates breathing space between us and third and we can have another shot in a Grand Final against the dominant top team in three weeks time ( only two matches left ).
- Adam Needleman


Section 9 Maccabi 4 Rubbers, 5 Sets, 45 games defeated Ormond 2 Rubbers, 3 Sets, 34 games.
Ben Pollak 6-8
Joel Rabinov 8-1
Errol Dorfan 8-4
Jack Stock 8-2
Joel/ Errol 6-2, 7-5
Ben/ Jack 0-6, 2-6

At home on a hot and humid day (with bizarrely both teams playing the same singles and doubles combinations as last time), Ben and Joel opened proceedings against Ormond.
Ben gave the leftie too much of a head start (0-5). However despite that, managed to drag things back for 6all. Unfortunately, Ben gave it away relatively easy in an 6-8 loss.
Joel struggled to serve in the opening game (4 double faults) before clicking into gear for a 7-0 lead, before closing it out 8-1 in a massive reversal from the prior match.
Errol did what he does best, he won 8-4.
Jack also served 4 double faults in his opening game yet he also managed to hold serve. Jack appeared to be in control as his opponent hit errors, with Jack remaining composed in an 8-2 win (reversing his result from December).
Joel and Errol decided to turn up for the doubles this time. A 4-0 lead pretty ideal, before closing out the set 6-2. 2nd set was a fair bit closer, with the opposition serving for the set at 4-5, before Joel and Errol storming home to win 7-5 (and avenging the defeat from last time).
Despite Ben and Jack serving well (hit 2 aces), they had a shocker. Opponents served well and volley well, avenging their loss by beating Ben and Jack 6-0, 6-2.
Overall: Good to get a win. The aim from now is to focus on winter pennant, so hopefully we can set ourselves up nicely to play in that. Hopefully Daniel can play out the remainder of the season (to get him up and going for winter).
- Joel Rabinov


Section 10 Maccabi 4-5-51 def Chadstone 2-4-42
Alan Datt 8-7  
Daniel Vertes 8-5
Michael Rabinovich 8-2
Mark Lazarovits 8-1
Datt / Lazarovits 4-6 6-2 5-7
Vertes / Rabinovich 4-6 0-6

Playing against third on the ladder just behind second was never going to be easy. We didn't win a rubber in the away round against Chadstone last November.
In doubles, Daniel and Michael teamed up for the first time. The first set was extremely competitive with all but one game going with serve. The second set flew by before we realised what was going on. 
Alan and Mark fought hard winning the second set and went down fighting in the third set.
We then stage a come from behind amazing victory. Michael continued his unbeaten singles run this season and Mark was too good for his tired and injured opponent. A big shout out to Alan securing his first singles win of the season taking home the tie break 8-6. Well done to all!
- Daniel Vertes



Section 3 Kooyong 4-5-40 def Maccabi 2-3-26

Mor Dahan 8-0

Natalie Nahoom 5-8

Hila Lerer 1-8

Phoebe Appelboom 0-8

Dahan/Nahoom 6-3 6-1

Lerer/Appelboom 0-6 0-6

A very nice day with a very nice courts at kooyong.
Unfortunately a tough day today which led us to just missing the finals.
Hopefully next week will be better.
- Mor Dahan


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