6 February 2021 - Round 7 Summer

Dean and Warren Steinberg have been two great additions to the Club

In Round 7, there were wins for 4 of 7 Maccabi teams (including two forfeits).



Section 3 Maccabi 4-5-41 def East Malvern 2-3-36

Lauren Yarrow 8-0

Bianca Jacobs 8-6

Anat Vernik 3-8

Hila Lerer 8-5

Yarrow/Jacobs 6-2 6-3

Vernik/Lerer 0-6 2-6



Section 2 Dendy Park 5-7-56 def Maccabi 1-4-38

Max Needleman 2-8

Joey Pat 2-8

Steven Gostin 6-8

Marcus Frajman 2-8

Needleman/Pat 2-6 6-3 6-2

Gostin/Frajman 4-6 6-1 2-6

Playing a strong team and despite being 4-0 down after the singles, the guys displayed strong fighting spirit and were very competitive in the doubles rubbers.  Max and Joey did very well to win in 3 sets and Steve was right in his singles match.
- Marcus Frajman


Section 4 Maccabi 5-7-58 def BLTC 1-2-43

Saul Muscatel 8-7

Damon Flicker 8-4

Marty Schwarz 4-8

Geoff Rosenberger 8-5

Flicker/Rosenberger 6-2 6-7 6-4

Muscatel/Schwarz 6-2 6-4


Section 5 Maccabi def Hawthorn W/O


Section 6 Maccabi 3-3-38 Lost to Dendy Park 3-5-47
Dean Steinberg 8-5
Warren Steinberg 8-5
Steven Kleytman 5-8
Adam Needleman 8-5
Steinberg/Steinberg 4-6 2-6
Kleytman/Needleman 2-6 1-6

Always a tough match against Dendy. Today was no exception. They definitely strengthened their team with a decent emergency at no 2 . All the singles were hard fought so to be 3-1 up was reward from even solid performances.
Historically we do not perform in doubles and today was no exception unfortunately. Against two very solid pairing of fairly equal ability we found we were simply not good enough . Only needing to win one of the two doubles was a task that proved too difficult. Nice to see Warren play his first home game but overall it was a disappointing loss.
Interestingly I don't think it would have mattered how we structured our
doubles up. Afterwards their no 2 pair beat their no 1 pair in doubles in a
practice match. That was the only slight consolation.
- Adam Needleman


Section 9 Maccabi def Carmelite W/O

Opposition (apart from Darcy) a no show at their own courts was unacceptable. We ended up playing a intra-club doubles round robin matches.
Joel only one to hold serve all the time in opening set with Errol (6-3) over Ben and Jack.
Errol then stepping up with Ben for 6-3 over Joel and Jack.
Errol and Jack winning the closest set 6-4 against Ben and Joel.
Errol unbeaten in a man of the day performance. All sets played at a good level. Should be said that we didn’t take it easy: I almost drilled Jack in the throat (Jack used his racquet to good use) and if I didn’t retreat, Ben would have drilled me exactly below the belt...
Onto next week where normal service can resume at home against Ormond.
- Joel Rabinov


Section 10 Highmoor Uniting 5-7-56 def Maccabi 1-2-33
Alan Datt 4-8
Daniel Vertes 0-8
Michael Rabinovich 8-4
Paul Kovacs  3-8
Datt/Rabinovich 2-6 0-6
Vertes/Kovacs 6-3 6-7 4-6

Daniel and Paul came oh so close to securing a doubles victory. Paul and Daniel were both serving for the match in the second set at 5-4 and 6-5 respectively. 
They came back to level the third set a 4 each after initially being down 0-3. Daniel learned patience and consistency from the Maccabi master.
Well done to Michael for securing another singles victory against Highmoor!
- Daniel Vertes


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