5 December 2020 - Round 4 Summer

The 2020 Maccabi Tennis Club AGM will take place on Wednesday 9 December at 8pm.
The 2020 Maccabi Tennis Club and Victorian Jewish Tennis Championships will take place from 19-27 December (adults) and 20-24 December (juniors).
Section 9 stand-in skipper Ben Pollak put in a very workmanlike performance, repairing the Court 5 net before enjoying an impressive singles win
Max Needleman played his role in a strong performance by the Section 2 team

In Round 4 of competition, there were wins for 4 of 7 Maccabi teams.  All four home teams won.  Next weekend (December 12) is the final round for 2020.  The competition resumes in late January 2021 - all players are encouraged to play in the Club Championships in a fortnight.



Section 2 Maccabi 4-6-51 beat Liston 2-2-33

Max Needleman 7-8

Jess Flicker 4-8

Joel Fredman 8-7

Rob Minc 8-2
Max/Jess 6-4 6-1 Joel/Rob 6-2 6-1

A strong and even performance by the top team at home.
Joel Fredman and Robert Minc have not lost a doubles together since 1992 so their result was expected. The drop shot serves from Joel’s opponent were a little bit more unpredictable but with nerves of steel he won his singles tie break which set the whole day up.
The boys redeemed themselves by winning the must win doubles against the two opposition players that beat them in singles. All can be pleased with the result. A win next week sets the team up.


Section 4 BLTC 4-6-48 def Maccabi 2-2-33

Saul Muscatel 1-8

Jordan Jaffe 8-7

Marty Schwarz 8-1

Jonny Henquin 6-8

Jaffe/Schwarz 2-6 3-6

Muscatel/Henquin 1-6 1-6


Section 5 Maccabi 4-6-51 def Carmelite 2-3-38

Jan Tenenberg 2-8

Marcus Frajman 5-8

Matias Brener 8-3

Joel Rabinov 8-5

Tenenberg/Brener 3-6 6-2 7-6

Frajman/Rabinov 6-0 6-0 W/O

With a discouraging weather forecast, we sent on our two in-form players first.  Jan was engaged in some impressive rallies but could not get the match on his terms and in the end, came away disappointed with the scoreline and the result.  Matias started very well and despite some late resistance from his opponent, completed another strong performance - Matias has been an excellent recruit.
Marcus was in front early on but did not handle the windy conditions well or consolidate his breaks.  Joel subbed in for us and hit the ground running, racing out to a 5-1 lead.  The man with the fresh new haircut showed plenty of evidence about why his forehand is rated one of the best at the Club, playing well in the strong winds. A nasty shoulder injury to his opponent with Joel well placed, leading 7-5, ended the match prematurely.
In the only doubles rubber, Jan and Matias dropped the first set but worked their way back into the match and overcame a deficit in the super tiebreak to win the extra rubber for a 4-2 win.
- Marcus Frajman


Section 6 Maccabi 3-4-47 lost to Clarinda 3-5-53
Dean Steinberg 5-8

Steven Kleytman 8-6

Adam Needleman 8-6

Lachie Zuker 3-8
Dean/Steven 3-6 7-5 6-4

Adam/Lachie 3-6 4-6

In very windy conditions on very fast classic clay courts we were at a disadvantage not being familiar with the conditions. However, I think we all concentrated and had our moments. The doubles win by Steven Kleytman and Dean Steinberg was particularly good .
This was the third week in a row we have played a first gamer. Congratulation to Lachie Zuker for playing in the adults and for playing so well in testing conditions. His opponent was an experienced campaigner accustomed to the courts. The opposition was equal second with us so we need to bounce back next week in our last game for the season.
- Adam Needleman


Section 9 Maccabi 5-7-54 def Carmelite 1-1-20

Ben Pollak 8-2

Daniel Goodrich 8-4

Errol Dorfan 8-0 W/O

Jack Stock 6-8

Pollak/Stock 6-0 6-0 W/O

Goodrich/Dorfan 6-2 6-4

With our skipper Joel unfortunately out of form, we had to make the tough decision to omit him and bring in Ben, who was returning from a long injury lay-off. The rest of the team was Daniel, Errol and Jack. 
Although we found out at the beginning of the day that we had won due to the opposition not filling a team, it was really good that each of the 4 players had a good.
Even though it was Ben’s first competitive match since February, he played very consistently, especially on serve, not giving the opposition many opportunities to get into the match and winning the match 8-2.
Daniel got on the board for the season in singles with a very solid 8-4 win. Although according to himself, he had played better in previous matches, in a pretty tight match he managed to win the important points and recorded a good win.
Jack was up against a player with a brilliant serve, the best in their team, although Jack was down 5-1 he competed really hard to get it to 6-6. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get the win but did show his comeback ability and was definitely proud of himself after he received glowing compliments on his calves and running ability. 
In the one doubles our team played, Errol and Daniel continued their fine form this season, winning 6-2 6-4. The first few have really shown they are a formidable pair with great chemistry.
Overall, it was a really positive performance, with each of the 4 players playing well, and our undefeated streak continuing. Hopefully, our inspirational skipper can use his win from section 5 today to reclaim some form and lead the team to a successful end to 2020. 
- Ben Pollak


Section 10 Maccabi 6-8-56 def BLTC 0-0-16
Yakov Eydish (emergency) 8-3  
Daniel Vertes 8-0
Nathan Rapoport 8-4
Michael Rabinovich 8-3
Vertes/Rapoport 6-1 6-2
Eydish/Rabinovich 6-1 6-2

Back on the winner list!
In blustery conditions we secured our first match day victory of the season.
The team welcomed Yakov Eydlish as an emergency and he didn't disappoint. 
We all had an enjoyable day despite the inclement weather. 
A BIG thank you to Yakov! Let's hope we see him again on the court.
- Daniel Vertes



Section 3 Burwood 4-5-44 def Maccabi 2-3-30

Mor Dahan 8-2

Natalee Nahoom 7-8

Anat Vernik 3-8

Phoebe Appelboom 0-8

Dahan/Nahoom 6-3 6-3

Vernik/Appelboom 0-6 0-6

Tough team and thought conditions.
But we played very well- good rallies and fighting for every point.
Hopefully we will have a better luck next time!
- Mor Dahan


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