21 November 2020 - Round 2 Summer

In Round 2, 3 of 6 teams won and there was one bye.



Section 3 Maccabi 4-5-44 def East Malvern 2-3-32

Mor Dahan 8-2

Lauren Yarrow 8-2

Natalee Nahoom 8-4

Phoebe Appelboom 1-8

Dahan/Nahoom 6-2 6-2

Yarrow/Appelboom 4-6 3-6 

First win of the season!
Mor- played good against a very good player the score doesn't show the long rallies that they had.
Lauren- played fantastic didn't let the opposition to have any chance in the match
Natalie- first singles match in a long time, tough conditions but played very well! Great defending that won her the match!
Pheobe- first game back against a very good player. She put up a good fight with long rallies but unfortunately didn't get the win.
Mor+ Natalie- played a fantastic game of doubles! Great rallies and fantastic volleys
Lauren+ Pheobe- played very good ! a very close first set but unfortunately couldn't keep the good momentum to the second set.
Overall great day! Good fighting from every player on the team!
- Mor Dahan



Section 2 Dendy Park 3-5-43 def Maccabi 3-4-46

Joey Pat 3-8

Max Needleman 8-2

Asaf Nagar 8-3

Steven Gostin 7-8

Needleman/Nagar 3-6 6-2 6-2

Pat/Gostin 1-6 4-6

Nice day for tennis
Joey and max went first on
Joey was a bit rusty and struggled for consistency eventually 3/8
Max was the opposite a model of consistency with great temperament winning 8/2
Asaf was his usual consistent self accounting for his opponent 8/3
Steven is basically Jekyll and Hyde down 2/6 not hitting the ball with enough intent then started to hit more forcefully to go up 7/6 eventually losing 7/8 after leading the breaker 4/2
In the doubles max/asaf had a minor hiccup in first set but powered home with great net play to win in 3 sets
Joey/steven were just a little rusty going down in straight
Overall a very tight loss 3 rubbers all a loss by a set but winning more games
- Steven Gostin


Section 4 Maccabi 3-5-48 def BLTC 3-4-36

Jamie Muscatel 8-1

Saul Muscatel 4-8

Damon Flicker 5-8

Marty Schwarz 1-8

J Muscatel/Flicker 6-7 6-1 6-0

S Muscatel/Schwarz 6-2 6-1

Close win by a set against BLTC!
In a change from tradition, we decided to play doubles first. 
Saul and Marty earned us an early lead with a quick 6-2 6-1 win.
Jamie and Damo had quick the battle, but after losing the first set in a tie-breaker they were determined to seek revenge. With a new fire within them, they played a stellar doubles winning 6-1 6-0.
In the singles, the heat got the better of Saul, Damo and Marty, but Jamie was able to secure a win which lead the team to victory.
Well done Jamie and well done everyone on some excellent doubles!
- Damon Flicker


Section 5 Hawthorn 4-5-42 def Maccabi 2-4-45

Marcus Frajman 4-8

Ryan Behr 3-8

Daniel Henquin 7-8

Matias Brener 8-1

Frajman/Behr 3-6 6-3 2-6

Henquin/Brener 6-1 6-1

In the first home game of the season, Marcus and Ryan went on first and found the going tough and were not really in the contest.  Daniel had a match point but could not quite take his chances in a very close match.  Matias has proved to be an excellent recruit and is playing very high quality tennis.  We needed to win both doubles matches in order to win the day.  Daniel and Matias did their bit and very quickly, winning clinically in straight sets.  Marcus and Ryan had moments where they controlled the play but in the end, it was not enough.
- Marcus Frajman  


Section 6 Maccabi 5-7-57 def Dendy Park 1-3-43

Dean Steinberg 8-2

Warren Steinberg 8-3 ( fantastic to win on debut and join his brother in a devastating double team )

Alan Liebowitz 2-8

David Kenley 8-7

Steinberg/Steinberg 4-6 6-2 6-4

David/Alan 6-3 3-6 6-2

We played a long match at Dendy Park today.  Started at 1 pm with 4 courts and finished 5pm.
Dean and Warren  played brilliant tennis to comfortably beat very competent players.  Alan was a little rusty and lost a long one with two lefties slugging it out. David tried his best to lose a match he should have won comfortably but unlike last week when he was belted off the court this time he was soft balled nearly off the court.  Such is the fun of tennis.
The doubles went as we hoped => Dean and Warren ran the opposition ragged after losing the first set to win comfortably in 3 sets.  Alan and David, starting much later due to the 8-7 marathon teamed up well for the first time ever to counter the soft balling plop tennis to win is 3 sets after being soft balled into sleepiness in the 2nd set.
Overall a very solid win and a much needed 9 points gained to break the team’s duck for the season.
- David Kenley


Section 9



Section 10 Highmoor Uniting 4-6-49 def Maccabi 2-2-29

Daniel Vertes 8-3
Michael Rabinovich 8-6
Mark Lazarovits 3-8
Ben Hellinger (emergency) 2-8
Vertes/Lazarovits 3-6 1-6
Rabinovich/Hellinger 2-6 2-6

With our number 1 and 2 ranked players unable to play, we required an emergency to step up. A big thank you to Ben Hellinger!
In muggy conditions that awakened memories of a '68 tour of Vietnam, we agreed to start with doubles. Both pairs struggled against their opponents but it's a newly formed team and no doubt we will become more accustomed to playing styles.
In singles, Daniel and Michael recorded the first team rubber victories for the season - a great effort! Both had tough opponents, but endurance and perseverance proved the winning formula with many games going to deuce. 
At the end of the day, a confused opponent spotted the no meat in the clubhouse notice and presumed we were all vegan - very insightful!
- Daniel Vertes


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