29 February 2020 - Summer Semi Finals

Five out of seven Maccabi teams qualified for the finals by finishing in the top 4.  However, with a few close results, all five teams were bundled out in the semi finals.


Section 2 Patterson Lakes 5-7-71 def Maccabi 1-3-52

Joey Pat 5-8

Max Needleman 4-8

Jess Flicker 0-8

Steven Gostin 4-8

Pat/Needleman 3-8

Gostin/Jaffe 8-7

Nice day for tennis we traveled to Patterson lakes to play on mod grass
Joey and max went on first
Joey was playing a 6 foot 6 monster who served big and after being down an early break Joey fought back to make it 4/4 but just didn’t serve well enough eventually going down 5/8
Max played great tennis to go up 4/2 coming to net at the right time but then lost his way losing consistency then couldn’t recover going down 4/8
Jessie played an unorthodox but extremely consistent player who gave nothing going down 0/8
Steven played a big serving player and like max led 3/4 with chances to go 5/3 up but lost consistency and eventually went down 8/4
The other side were kind enough to player a first to 8 doubles as there were players on each side who hadn’t played so max/Jessie played a strong combo going down 3/8 while steven/jordy played good doubles volleying at the right time to take a tight one 8/7 as a consolation
Overall a good season as I think no one thought we would make the 4 without asaf playing a single match and blooding jordy and Marty at this level
- Steven Gostin


Section 4 Ormond 3-5-41 def Maccabi 3-4-38
Geoff Rosenberger 4-8
Saul Muscatel 1-8
Ryan Sharp 8-0
Jamie Muscatel 8-4
Rosenberger/Sharp 1-6 6-2 6-1
Frajman/Behr 2-6 2-6

Geoff and Jamie went on first.  Geoff, as he nearly always does, started well and found his range to take a 3-0 lead.  However, his opponent then started to control the points more and had all the momentum.  Geoff threatened to make a comeback late on but it was not to be.  Meanwhile, Jamie was up against a powerful player (who had beaten Jamie's brother Saul a couple of weeks ago).  Jamie's athleticism and court coverage was on display as he secured an impressive win and perhaps getting one back for his brother.
Saul came up against a seriously good player who played every shot in the book and unfortunately, there was little Saul could do because the other guy had all the answers.  On the next court, Ryan S completely dismantled his opponent, winning 8-0 in no time.  All of us were amazed at how Ryan took him apart.
So it was 2-2 after singles and after 15 minutes of discussing how to line up for doubles, we were still none the wiser.  We decided to go with Geoff/Ryan S and Marcus/Ryan B.  Marcus/Ryan B had some good moments but were not able to apply consistent pressure, losing in straight sets.  Geoff/Ryan S, who have not played competitively together before, lost the first set quickly but then rebounded and turned the match on its head.
In the end, we lost by a set but were able to give a strong Ormond team a real run for their money.  Everyone had a good season.
- Marcus Frajman


Section 6 Ormond 3-5-48 def Maccabi 3-4-50
Brad Lowe 6-8 ( severe painful  cramps during last game forced a forfeit )
Dean Steinberg 8-5
Adam Needleman 8-1
David Kenley 7-8
Kenley/ Darren Seymour 4-6 1-6
Lowe/Steinberg 3-6 6-2 7-6

We played the team we lost to last week in the last round who won last years
section 6 trophy . We felt we had a good chance but needed to win 3 singles.
The whole day was on a knives edge and unfortunately today we did not get
the result we were hoping for. After the singles we were two rubbers all and
despite winning a doubles rubber we lost a set in gaining the three set
victory and therefore the match. I must say Dean Steinberg and Brad Lowe
were playing a very competent pair and looked in a lot of trouble as the
opposition came to the net and volleyed crisply. However, their sheer
physicality allowed them to win a very high standard match. Particularly
good effort from Brad who had severe ccramp during the singles but looked
real strong in the doubles. We missed Jan Tenenberg and Steven Kleytman but
really have no excuses as we are a very even team.
Interestingly the scores were exactly the same as last week albeit with two
different players !
- Adam Needleman


Section 8 Dendy Park 3-5-50 def Maccabi 2-3-38

Ben Pollak 8-5
Mor Dahan 6-8
Joel Rabinov 8-7
Jack Stock 1-8
Ben/ Mor 4-6, 3-6
Goodrich/Rapoport 2-6, 6-4.

Away at Dendy Park against a unbeaten Park 1 (who were missing their #1 who was at a auction) we had 4 courts for singles.
Ben and his opponent kept breaking each other, before Ben held twice and broke to make it 4-2, as he builded confidence and momentum. Both players held serve for the next 4 games but then Ben lifted again to make it 7-4, although he got broken when serving for the match he won 8-5 in one of his best performances of the season.
Mor had chances but unfortunately lost 6-8.
Jack and Joel had their singles results reversed from 3 weeks ago against the same opponents.
Jack played a guy who didn’t miss a thing the whole day (kept hitting lines) as he beat Jack 8-1.
Joel played a leftie (who hasn’t lost all season) and despite blowing chances did enough to win in a tiebreak.
For Ben and Mor both doubles sets were very similar and very close, unfortunately Ben and Mor couldn’t capitalise on their opportunities in both sets when having game points and lost (4-6, 3-6).
Daniel and Nathan started slowly against today’s 1 and 2 (2-6.) Once they turned up, they led 5-0 before finally closing out the set 6-4. At this stage, the day was done so a deciding set wasn’t required.
Overall: Was always going to be tough, but Dendy were just a tiny bit better than us in both singles and doubles. That’s it for the season- think we all got a fair bit out of it. Thanks to Mor for joining us for this season.
- Joel Rabinov


Section 6 Mixed Doubles Hawthorn 3-6-45 def Maccabi 1-2-29

Sam Strunin/Paul Kovacs 6-7 1-6

Anat Vernik/Bianca Jacobs 2-6 3-6

Kovacs/Vernik 1-6 3-6

Strunin/Jacobs 7-6 6-2


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