15 February 2020 - Round 13 Summer

Only one match not washed out. This resulted in a  vital win for the S8 team which will guarantee a top 4 spot.

Maccabi 4 rubbers, 6 sets, 57 games defeated Mentone 2 rubbers, 4 sets, 39 games.

Ben Pollak 4-8

Joel Rabinov 4-8

Daniel Goodrich 8-0

Nathan Rapoport 8-1

Ben/ Joel 6-1, 3-6, 6-4

Daniel/ Nathan 6-7, 6-4, 6-0

Playing at Mentone on a humid and terrible day (a Summers day that clearly didn’t need sunglasses or sunscreen). We ended up playing doubles first on damp courts.
Ben and Joel executed their game plan for 6-1. At 1all, 40-15 the match turned for the next hour, as Joel threw away that game with a few double faults. They had chances to break back but couldn’t. Ended up losing the set 3-6 after having 40-0. Then again lost serve and were down 3-1. Fortunately their number 1 threw in two doubles out of nowhere, before Ben and Joel powered to a 5-3 lead, before Ben closed it out for 6-4.
Daniel and Nathan started slowly (poor service games) but fought back to force the first set to a tiebreak. Had chances but blew it. In the second set Daniel served well while Nathan did not and the order of servers was important to a 6-4 result. In the third set Daniel and Nathan both started playing smarter and that proved the difference in a 6-0 win.
Ben started the match by failing to convert 40-0 up and also failed to take break point chances at 2-1 down to break back. The opponent lifted again to take a 6-2 lead and although Ben got the match to 7-4, Ben was beaten 8-4 in a high quality match. 
Daniel had the foot on the accelerator all the way till the end for a 8-0 win. The best singles performance for Daniel in a long time.
Nathan didn't exactly play well (although his opponent couldn’t get a first serve in) but played well enough against an opponent who only had one winning shot - the drop shot. Nathan won all the games that went to deuce, winning 8-1.
Joel continued his woeful serving, barely able to win a game on the first 3 service games. Fortunately was able to break a few times(although not enough for 3all)... Opponent didn’t give anything away cheaply as he won 8-4.

Overall: a great day for us to cement our spot in the top 4. As long as we win a few matches next week (although more than that would be nice) we should be playing finals. As for today: our doubles probably saved us. Having a 2-0 lead at 4:30pm, gave us a huge advantage. As for me- it’s back to the drawing board. Have a fair bit I need to work on (shot selection being one I haven’t had to deal with in a while).
- Joel Rabinov
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