14 December 2019 - Round 10 Summer

The Section 8 team celebrate their win at Caulfield Rec

In the final round for 2019 (but not the season - the final four rounds will be played in February 2020), there were wins for six out of seven Maccabi teams.


Section 6 Mixed Doubles Maccabi 3-6-46 def Kings Park 1-3-33

Sam Strunin/Bradley Bergman 4-6 6-1 7-6

Anat Vernik/Bianca Jacobs 6-2 6-3

Jacobs/Strunin 6-2 6-1

Vernik/Bergman 2-6 3-6


Section 9 Maccabi 4-6-52 def MCC 2-3-41

Lauren Yarrow 8-6
Nathan Needleman 8-4
Daniel Vertes 8-1
Ben Needleman 2-8
Yarrow/ N Needleman 6-4 6-3
Vertes/ B Needleman 2-6 6-2 6-7

Back in the top 4!
Lauren versed a strong opponent with fast serves but was up for challenge with her own super sonic serves. Lauren is playing great tennis!
Nathan was cruising at 5-1 but a small lapse in concentration opened the door for his opponent to come back at 5-4. He then took the next three games with ease.
Daniel's recent YouTube tennis lessons paid off with a strong win.
Ben struggled with his baseline forehands with a disappointing loss. 
In doubles, Lauren and Nathan had a convincing win.
Daniel and Ben watched the first set fly past but then won nine games in a row! Unfortunately, they couldn't convert two late breaks in the third set and then lost the tie break after leading 5-2.
- Daniel Vertes


Section 8 Maccabi 4 rubbers, 6 sets, 55 games defeated Caulfield Rec 2 rubbers, 3 sets, 51 games.
Ben Pollak 8-3
Mor Dahan 7-8
Daniel Goodrich 8-6
Nathan Rapoport 2-8
Ben/ Mor 6-3, 7-6
Daniel/ Nathan 3-6, 7-6, 7-5

For once the weather wasn’t a issue against Caulfield Rec (5 matches in 15 months had significant rain delays) as the team had 4 courts to use at Caulfield Rec.
Ben played against a player he lost 8-0 to about 15 months ago. However today he started perfectly, with a 3-0 lead and then 4-1. Although Ben’s opponent lifted a bit to get back to 4-3, Ben lifted himself and began to dominate, winning 8-3 in one of his best matches of the season.
Mor played in match play of ups and downs, however couldn’t get over the line (7-8).
Daniel got off to a great start (3-0) and kept that lead for a 8-6 win.
Nathan played in a match full of long rallies, however was on the wrong end of most of those for a 2-8 result.
So all locked up after the singles: Ben and Mor played their 2 and 4. The first 7 games were all holds and then Ben and Mor broke in the 8th game to lead 5-3 with Ben serving it out to win it 6-3.
Meanwhile Daniel and Nathan started off well(2-0) before the opposition worked their way into the match for 6-3. So still all tied up still.
 In the second set, Ben and Mor started poorly, and even though they should’ve been down 3-0, they weren’t (due to loss of concentration from their opponents). Ben and Mor lifted to lead 4-2.
Meanwhile things weren’t looking as good for Daniel and Nathan as they trailed 1-5.  However Daniel and Nathan then lifted on the big points (along with the opponents being a bit tentative).  Before you knew it both pairs were locked up in 2nd set tiebreaks! (Although Ben and Mor also had 5-3 with 2 points away from a win for them).
Fortunately for all those at Caulfield Rec (Jack and Joel were watching nervously) Ben and Mor won their tiebreak, with Daniel and Nathan doing likewise just a few minutes later giving us the win.
After the sting went out of the day (the opponents going for any shot possible) Daniel and Nathan remained composed for a 7-5 win.
Overall: It was always going to be close against Caulfield Rec (it always goes down to the last doubles rubber): Great team win. Today’s result will cement us in the top 4 and possibly 2nd depending on results. A great way to head into the summer break. However we know we can’t afford to slip up in February. It is still reasonably close between 2nd and 6th.
- Joel Rabinov


Section 7 Mordialloc 4-5-45 def Maccabi 2-4-45

Patrick Monteiro:       5-8
Ben Rapoport:           2-8
Doron Livshitz: 4-8
Ron Schweitzer: 8-2
Patrick & Ben:          6-2, 6-2
Doron and Ron:  6-2, 5-7, 6-3

Patrick and Ben took to the courts and in high standard games with lots of hard balls being hit were out hit by their opponents, going down in competitive matches.  Doron and Ron tried to level the scores.  Doron’s opponent was unfortunately too strong, but Ron managed to secure a win meaning we were still in the match - all we had to do was win the doubles!
Patrick and Ben were very strong in their doubles’ match, wiping their opponents off the court in no time meaning we were well and truly back in the match, especially with Doron and Ron winning the first set fairly easily.  Unfortunately for Doron and Ron, their opponents steadied and played much more solid tennis in the next two sets, and Doron and Ron lost their rhythm and once that happened just couldn’t re-focus and get back into the game, losing a doubles’ match that they really had for the taking.  They will now have the best part of two months to reflect on this lost opportunity.
A very miserable loss from a very winnable position.
- Ron Schweitzer


Section 6 Maccabi 6-8-62 Beat Kings Park 0-1-30
Steven Kleytman 8-7
Dean Steinberg 8-1
Adam Needleman 8-0
Darren Seymour 8-3
Kleytman/Steinberg 6-3 6-1
Needleman/Seymour 6-2 5-7 7-6 ( 10-2 in super tie break )

With the top four teams only separated by 1 point this second versus third
contest was like 2 matches in importance. Our easy home ground win
consolidates our position. Our final four matches to follow in February are
against teams currently outside the 4 so we are nicely positioned. Apart
from Steven Kleytman's solid win there was little to note as the opposition
struggled on a surface foreign to them.
- Adam Needleman


Section 4 Maccabi 5-7-53 def Mordialloc 1-1-28

Geoff Rosenberger 8-4

Saul Muscatel 8-4

Marcus Frajman 8-7

Michail Shalit 5-8

Rosenberger/Muscatel 6-2 6-0

Frajman/Shalit 6-2 6-1

A good way to close out 2019.  Geoff and Saul went on first and both walked off the court with 8-4 wins.  Geoff backed up from last week and was steadier than his opponent.  Saul is serving really well and notched up a nice win against a lefthander.  Marcus started brightly but surrendered a 6-1 lead before steadying in the tiebreak.  The powerful Michail, filling in for our team, caught the eye of Maccabi talent scouts and displayed great shotmaking but lack of matchplay in recent times saw him just fall short.
In the doubles, both Maccabi pairs performed well to seal a comfortable 5-1 win.  Looking forward to a bit of a break and then firing up again next year.  Thanks again to Michail for helping us today.
- Marcus Frajman


Section 2 Maccabi 4-6-57 def Highmoor 2-3-37

Joey Pat 8-3

Joel Fredman 4-8

Robert Minc 8-1

Steven Gostin 8-1

Fredman/Minc 7-6 4-6 6-7

Pat/Gostin 6-2 6-3

Nice conditions to play no wind overcast
Joey played consistent tennis to overcome a wily solid opponent 8/3
Joel seemed to lack a little consistency in helping out for the first time this season against a very striker of the ball going down 4/8
Rob also playing his first match of the season easily accounted for his opponent with his big serving and volleying winning 8/1
Steven had no trouble wth his left handed opponent winning 8/1
Rob/Joel played a seesawing match of serve volleying by both pairings but just didn’t take their opportunities going down 6/7 in the third
Steven/Joey had no trouble combing with good volleying and ground strokes to win 2&3
Good win to consolidate position in the top 4 before the summer break
- Steven Gostin


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