23 November 2019 - Round 7 Summer

After Round 7, all teams have played each other and we are at the midway mark of the season.  Three out of seven Maccabi teams won.


Section 2 Mount Eliza 4-5-41 def Maccabi 2-3-34

Jess Flicker 4-8

Steven Gostin 1-8

Jordan Jaffe 8-1

Marty Schwarz 6-8

Flicker/Gostin 2-6 1-6

Jaffe/Schwarz 6-3 6-1

Just not quite good enough today
Jessie played a very solid player giving him a stat 1/4 before fighting back to 4 all but just couldn’t maintain consistency going down 4/8
Steven was up against a player who hit the lines and just didn’t miss although had game/break points in 5 games and did not take one of to go down 1/8
Jordy played really consistently to down a big hitting opponent 8/1
Marty has his chances against a young player but just lacked a little consistency to go down 6/8
Jessie/steven just couldn’t find their rhythm in the late windy conditions going down 2&1
Jordy/Marty volleying really well and maintaining good pressure on their opponents easily won 3&1
- Steven Gostin


Section 4 Overport Park 5-7-57 def Maccabi 1-2-41

Geoff Rosenberger 6-8

Saul Muscatel 0-8

Damon Flicker 8-7

Marcus Frajman 5-8

Muscatel/Flicker 4-6 6-1 6-7

Rosenberger/Frajman 2-6 4-6

This was probably the strongest team we have played so far.  We drove as a team to Frankston and Geoff and Marcus went on first.  Geoff started well and found himself ahead 5-2 but could not keep the momentum going.  Marcus had a poor start and slowly worked his way back into the match but was always chasing.  Saul struggled with the conditions and was not able to produce the standard of tennis that we have seen in every other match.  Damon, for the second week in a row, was our only singles winner and played really well at the end to force a tiebreak and then win 7-0 in the breaker.
In doubles, Geoff and Marcus felt they were outclassed for most of the match by a good team although they did have some mini chances in the 2nd set.  Saul and Damon had not played together much and started slowly.  However, momentum changed and all of a sudden, they were dominating from the back of the court and at the net.  The highlight was their 2nd set win and they also had chances to win the super tiebreak 3rd set.
- Marcus Frajman


Section 6 Maccabi 6-8-63 def Ormond 0-1-38
Brad Lowe 8-3
Steven Kleytman 8-6
Dean Steinberg  8-5
Albert Leon-boyer 8-4
Lowe/Steinberg 6-4 6-7 7-5
Kleytman/Leon-Boyer 6-3 6-1

This was our best win for the year beating last summer's premiers. The 6-0
scoreline does not reflect the closeness of the contest . All players had
challenging opponents and worked hard to get impressive wins. Steven
Kleytman and Dean Steinberg were down early in the matches and battled hard
to get on top. Brad Lowe had another resounding singles win against an
opponent that could not control his temper making it an unpleasant match.
Leon just does what he does. He wins.
Great job to all and it notches up out fifth consecutive win after losing
the first two matches. Next week we play the top team that beat us 5-1. This
week it will be important to compete as I suspect we will play them again in
the finals.
- Adam Needleman


Section 7 Mordialloc 4-6-45 def Maccabi 2-2-31

David Zulman 8-2

Errol Dorfan 2-8

Doron Livshitz 1-8

Ben Pollak 8-2

David /Doron 1-6, 2-6

Errol/Ben 5-7, 4-6

The Section 7 team lost 2-4 against Mordialloc 1.  The weather was great, the tennis not so much.  Errol made his return for his first match after a very long break (6 months) and it showed.  By the end of the afternoon his consistency was thankfully returning.  David Zulman and Ben Pollak who assisted were standouts, both winning their singles convincingly.  The Doubles (as usual) unfortunately cost us the day, although Errol and Ben had opportunities at 5-5 in the first set and 4-4 in the second set but unfortunately could not convert.
- Errol Dorfan


Section 7 Maccabi 4 rubbers, 5 sets, 58 games defeated 2 rubbers, 4 sets, 43 games.
Mor Dahan 8-0 (walkover)
Joel Rabinov 8-3
Daniel Goodrich 7-8
Nathan Rapoport 8-3
Mor/ Joel 3-6; 6-7
Daniel/ Nathan 6-3, 5-7, 7-6

With 4 courts available in the toughest conditions so far this season, we were ready to take on Dendy Park 2. Unfortunately they weren’t as keen (all arrived late) with one of their players a no-show resulting in a win for Mor.

Joel hadn’t adjusted to the conditions (down 0-2) before slowly getting into things to score a 8-3 win.

Daniel was out played for the most part, down 6-1 before his opponent started to feel the conditions. Daniel ended up getting back into it, but lost in a tiebreak.
Nathan started slow losing the first game, but took the next six and smooth sailing from there over a weaker opponent 8-3.
By this stage the opposition had 4 for doubles.

Mor and Joel started slowly in both sets (0-3) before coming back for 3all in both. Unfortunately they didn’t play well in either set as they lost 3-6, 6-7.

Daniel and Nathan took the opening set 6-3, before a closer 2nd set with the opponents taking it 7-5. By this stage everyone was watching the final set of this match (including Doron and Ben who had finished their section 7 matches). Daniel and Nathan seemed to be in dire straights, trailing 4-0 and 40-15. However they used their magic to win the next few games and push things to a tiebreak which they won.

Overall: A great effort by Daniel and Nathan to win things for us (when they were 5 points away from a loss). I did mention to Ben that we hadn’t had good luck with tiebreaks today (was 0-2 before it). Seemed to be “3rd time lucky”.
Although both pairs are going to have to work on stopping momentum: both pairs lost 6 straight games.
Remarkably, despite having 4 courts (well 3 after the default) we ended up finishing over an hour later than everyone else! Anyway, we are now in the top 4 at the halfway stage of the season.
- Joel Rabinov


Section 9 East Malvern 4-6-57 def Maccabi 2-3-35

Alan Datt 2-8

Lauren Yarrow 8-7

Daniel Vertes 2-8

Ben Needleman 1-8

Datt/Yarrow 6-1 6-1 7-6

Vertes/Needleman 2-6 1-6

Tough day at the office!
Playing the number two side was never going to be easy. Alan, Daniel and Ben struggled in their singles matches against strong opposition. 
Lauren was the stand out performer today! Super shots and never giving up. She won her singles against a player who shouted "I can't believe I'm losing to a girl!" and then continued the stellar performance in doubles.
- Daniel Vertes


Section 6 Mixed Doubles Maccabi 2-5-41 def Glenhuntly 2-4-40

Paul Kovacs/Sam Strunin 6-3 2-6 6-7

Bianca Jacobs/Kate Hornstein 6-4 6-3

Kovacs/Hornstein 2-6 1-6

Strunin/Jacobs 6-3 6-2

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