16 November 2019 - Round 6 Summer


In Round 6, 3 out of 7 Maccabi teams won.


Mixed Doubles Section 6 Hawthorn 4-8-49 def Maccabi 0-0-16

Bradley Bergman/Robert Schattner 3-6 1-6

Gabi Bergman/Anat Vernik 2-6 0-6

Schattner/G Bergman 0-6 2-6

B Bergman/Vernik 2-6 6-7


Section 9 Le Page 4-6-59 def Maccabi 2-4-45

Alan Datt 1-8

Lauren Yarrow 3-8

Nathan Needleman 8-6

Daniel Vertes 8-7

Yarrow/Zuker 6-2 6-7 0-6

Needleman/Vertes 6-3 3-6 4-6

A fighting effort!
Lauren and Lachie teamed up for the second week in a row and were looking good after a strong first set. Unfortunately, Lachie injured his wrist halfway through the second set and was forced to retire.
Daniel and Nathan couldn't replicate last week's performance and narrowly lost in three sets. A highlight was Nathan serving three aces in a row in the third set!
In singles, Alan arrived to substitute for Lachie at short notice (BIG THANK YOU TO ALAN!) and went down fighting. Lauren also found her opponent to be too consistent. 
Nathan gave his opponent a 'look in' but still recorded the win as his parents proudly watched on.
Daniel was down 4-7 and two match points to launch a surprising yet monumental come back to level the match at 7-7. He then won the tie-break 8-3 and remains undefeated against Le Page in all four singles matches this year. 
- Daniel Vertes


Section 8 Maccabi 5-7-52 defeafed Mentone 1-3-28
Ben Pollak 0-8
Mor Dahan 8-4
Joel Rabinov 8-0
Michael Rabinovich 8-1
Joel/ Michael 7-5, 3-6, 6-1
Ben/ Mor 6-1, 6-2.

At home against Mentone (who bizarrely had 3 left handers) Joel and Michael played first.
Joel played the only right hander: a nervous opening two games (lucky to win them) before playing well enough to go onto a 8-0 win.
Michael started off strong. His Service games were solid and had some nice clean winners. Had a few long games with a few deuces, but allowed the opponent to hit the errors in a comfortable 8-1 win.
Ben was comprehensively beaten from the get go, struggled on serve and with returns to go down 0-8.
Mor played a young version of Rafa, getting away to a 3-0 lead, before being pegged back to 3-2. Mor then put the foot down to win 8-4.
Joel and Michael played their best two servers, and played well taking the first set 7-5 (with a few aces). A slight dip in the 2nd set (0-4) before they got back into the match. Saved a few sets points at 2-5 to crucially hold serve and made sure they served first in the deciding set. All service holds, before they made the first break for 3-1, before finishing it off 6-1.
Mor and Ben have played pretty well as a pair, against a relatively weak 2nd doubles pair who were very young. Ben and Mor tried a few different things, especially by going to the net very often as they came out with a 6-1 6-2 win, finishing the day on a positive note.
Overall: Very pleasing performance, with all of us playing well. Looking for back to back wins next week against Dendy 2.
- Joel Rabinov


Section 7 Grace Park 3-5-46 def Maccabi 3-4-49

David Zulman 8-5

Zvi Schweitzer 8-2

Doron Livshitz 5-8

Daniel Goodrich 6-8

Zulman/Schweitzer 6-0 5-7 6-4

Livshitz/Goodrich 3-6 2-6

      A lovely day greeted the players.  David and Zvi had solid wins, and both Doron and Daniel had their chances but weren’t able to capitalise.

As per usual, it depended on the doubles, this time we did manage to win one of the doubles but unfortunately still went down by a set. 

Great effort considering we were playing without our numbers 2, 3 & 4.  Thanks Daniel for helping us out.


Section 6 Maccabi 4-6-56 def Beaumaris 2-4-39

Brad Lowe 8-0

Jan Tenenberg 8-3

David Kenley 2-8

Darren Seymour 8-1

Lowe/Kenley 7-5 4-6 4-6

Tenenberg/Seymour 3-6 6-1 6-3


Section 4 Hurlingham Park 5-7-54 def Maccabi 1-2-47

Saul Muscatel 5-8

Damon Flicker 8-2

Marcus Frajman 3-8

Brian Watson 6-8

Flicker/Watson 5-7 2-6

Muscatel/Frajman 6-1 6-7 6-7

We drove to Hurlingham Park, who have synthetic grass courts and a nice little set up.  Saul played a big server and had a close match.  Damon had a strong win and enjoyed the pace of the surface.  Marcus wasn't able to win the important points.  Brian fought back well after a slow start.  In doubles, both pairs were in the contest but we could not take our chances.
- Marcus Frajman


Section 2 Maccabi 5-7-63 def Patterson Lakes 1-3-42

Nick Hornstein 8-5

Joey Pat 8-0

Max Needleman 8-3

Steven Gostin 8-6

Hornstein/Gostin 6-3 1-6 6-2

Pat/Needleman 6-3 6-7 6-7

In perfect conditions for tennis we had a strong side in for a match up against the undefeated top side
Nick started off agst a unusual style of player who was very effective missing very few shots but using his leftie serve to great effect and sharp volleying he won fairly routinely 8/5
Joey up agst a big serving guy with a hit or miss attitude was way too good probably playing the best he has played in a long time walloped his opponent 8/0 hardly missing a shot
Max played a consistent player with a big forehand and served and volleyed his way to a good result 8/3
Steven played a consistent leftie eventually outlasting him 8/6
In the doubles nick/steven played a great first set serving well and volleying at the right time to take it 6/3 then lost focus losing the second 1/6 only to regroup and gray doubles with good returns and volleying wel to take the third 6/2
Joey/max played a solid pair and served and returned well to take the first 6/3 but just didn’t take their chances in the second or third sets losing both in tiebreakers 6/7 6/7
Overall though a great result
- Steven Gostin


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