19 October 2019 - Round 3 Summer

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In Round 3, three teams had draws due to rain. Two teams lost and two teams won.


Section 2 Maccabi 2-2-17 drew with Highmoor 0-0-11

Joey Pat 8-4

Max Needleman 8-6

Robert Minc 0-1

Steven Gostin 1-0

All that can be said is “bloody weather””
Huge chance to thump an average side
Joey and max got the job done against solid players
Steven and rob started only to be  washed out a second time
- Steven Gostin


Section 4 Maccabi 1-2-28 drew with Mordialloc 0-1-17

Damon Flicker/Ryan Sharp 5-7 5-5

Jamie Muscatel/Ryan Behr 6-1 6-1

Jamie Muscatel 5-1

Ryan Behr 1-2

Washout! Damon & Ryan S locked in a doubles battle of high quality tennis on a very wet and windy day. No result.
Jamie & Ryan B continued their doubles winning streak with a convincing 6-1 6-1 win. 
Jamie off to a great start up 5-1 in singles until the heavens opened. 
Home early
- Ryan Behr


Section 6 Maccabi 4-6-53 def Kings Park 2-3-50

Brad Lowe 5-8

Steven Kleytman 6-8

Jan Tenenberg 8-7

David Kenley 8-7

Lowe/Kenley 6-1 6-4

Kleytman/Tenenberg 1-6 6-4 7-5


Section 7 Mordialloc 4-4-38 def Maccabi 0-0-11

Alan Liebowitz 2-8

Albert Leon-Bayer 0-8

Zvi Schweitzer 4-8

Doron Livshitz 1-8

Leon-Bayer/Schweitzer 3-2

Liebowitz/Livshitz 1-4


Section 8 Maccabi 0-0-15 drew with Caulfield Rec 1-1-16

Ben Pollak 4-8

Joel Rabinov 4-0

Jack Stock 5-6

Michael Rabinovich 2-2

Playing a familiar side in Caulfield Rec, Ben and Jack took to the courts first.
Ben didn’t take his chances (when he had 2-0) and missed a decisive passing shot for what would have been 5all. Ended up losing 4-8. 
Jack played in a tight match and would have liked to finish it off however the weather stopped it with it on serve 5-6.
Joel played someone who was even rustier than Joel! Anyway, ended up playing well for 4-0 and had a chance for 30-0 but missed the passing shot when the rain came.
Michael was playing well for 2all in his first match for the season.
Overall: Very disappointing- 5th time we have played this side in the past 12 months with rain delays in ALL matches. The previous 2 washout out completely. At least we got a hit in today. Opposition captain and I agreed that for our next match we should hire indoor courts.
- Joel Rabinov


Section 9 Ormond 3-5-57 def Maccabi 3-5-47

Lauren Yarrow 6-8

Lachie Zuker 4-8

Nathan Needleman 8-7

Ben Needleman 2-8

Yarrow/Zuker 1-6 6-1 7-6

Needleman/Needleman 6-3 1-6 6-4


Section 6 Mixed Doubles Maccabi 2-5-46 def Kings Park 2-5-44

Paul Kovacs/Bradley Bergman 6-3 4-6 7-6

Gabi Bergman/Bianca Jacobs 0-1 6-1 6-7

Bergman/Bergman 2-6 3-6

Kovacs/Jacobs 6-1 6-2

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