31 August 2019 - Winter Finals

Grade 7 Pennant Semi Final Maccabi 4-9-75 defeated Taylors Lakes 2-7-67

Marty Schwarz/Darren Seymour 5-7 2-6

Jan Tenenberg/Steven Kleytman 4-6 6-1 6-2

Steven Kleytman 1-6 7-5 3-6

Jordan Jaffe 6-4 4-6 6-0

Marty Schwarz 6-4 6-0

Jan Tenenberg 6-4 1-6 6-4

Into the Grand Final next Saturday against Patterson Lakes at a neutral  venue to be announced.
On the first perfect winter’s day on the last winter’s day Maccabi took on a team loaded with 2 top 20  Victorian ranked juniors . They finished top of their Northern division as we finished top of our south eastern division. Looking at the scores can be very deceptive. It is true that the scores do not lie but they don’t reveal the drama and the many twists and turns in a drama packed afternoon. In fact the last set of the last rubber to be completed was to decide the contest.
Jordan Jaffe was 1 set all and with a cold and having just lost the second set had to win the last set against a very hard hitting player that looked to be gaining a mental edge. However, Jordan as he always does remained cool and totally dismantled his opponent in the best set of tennis he has played all year when you consider the pressure he was under and the quality of the opponent.
However, the key to the contest as it has been all year has been the incredible evenness of the team.
Jan Tenenberg took part in two valuable rubber wins cheered on by his wife who will no doubt be a regular fixture as she is obviously his good luck charm.
Steven Kleytman battled on court in a torrid afternoon taking part in  6 tight  sets . He delivered some hammer blows and enjoyed it although his body did not.
Marty Schwarz is the guy that flies under the radar. Once again he walked on court and playing a guy that looked solid in the doubles,  dismantled him , running away with the match and looked strong physically.
Darren Seymour is the old wise head  delivering the injection of confidence and advice the team needs. He plays where he is told and does what the team needs. Terrific season from him.
- Adam Needleman


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