24 August 2019 - Winter Finals


Grade 7 Maccabi 4-9-68 def Heatherdale 1-3-45

Jordan Jaffe/Darren Seymour 5-7 1-6

Jan Tenenberg/Adam Needleman 6-3 7-5

Steven Kleytman 7-6 7-5

Jordan JAffe 4-6 7-5 stopped as result was decided . Jordy was a certainty in 3rd set

Marty Schwarz 6-0 6-0

Adam Needleman 6-0 6-2

Once again out great depth and team unity won the day. In severe wind the result was slightly in our opponents favour after the first two doubles. We did not panic and spearheaded by Steven Kleytman got another solid finals victory.

We rocket into the last four teams and are hoping for a home semi final next week. Jordan JAffe and Marty Schwarz are pivotal to our success and have a shabbaton next saturday. I hope common sense prevails and they can lead us to victory next week.

Section 2 Le Page 4-6-51 def Maccabi 2-2-29

1. Mor Dahan- 1-8 : Dahan had a very tough match on her hands playing a guy who rarely loses! She just managed to win atleast one game off him which was a great effort!! 
2. Lauren Yarrow- 8-6 : Yarrow played a tough match against a man who she lost to in previous matches. She was down 2-6 but managed to fight her way back with consistency winning every game until she clenched the match!!! 
3. Ron Kotev- 2-8 : Kotev also played a touch match which was quite even at the start but his opponent was too consistent in the end! Still a great effort! 
4. Daniel Vertes- 8-5 : Vertes had a tough match aswell! He managed to stay on top of his game to eventually take the lead to clench the match!
1. Kotev / Needleman - 2-6 1-6 : Kotev and Needleman had a very tough match ahead of them! They managed to put up fight with some great rallies but they're opponents proved too strong!!! 
2. Dahan / Yarrow- 4-6 3-6 : Dahan and Yarrow also had a very tough match as they're opponents were very consistent! They had their chances but in the end couldn't overcome their opponents! Still a great effort!! 
Overall everyone played well especially against the top team!!! Hopefully next season will be a different result but still a great effort by all!!! 
- Lauren Yarrow


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