17 August 2019 - Winter Finals

The Grade 7 Maccabi team celebrate their win by one set over Melbourne Uni

Three Maccabi teams qualified for the Tennis Victoria Winter Pennant finals.  However, only one remains in the running - the Grade 7 team, captained by Adam Needleman, after winning by one set with the rubbers and games count equal.

The mixed singles and doubles team will likely finish 4th and will play in the finals next week.



Grade 6 Centenary Park 3-9-78 def Maccabi 2-5-63

Damon Flicker/Ryan Sharp 6-7 6-3 7-6

Marcus Frajman/Ryan Behr 4-6 5-7

Saul Muscatel 1-6 6-4 6-2

Damon Flicker 6-7 0-6

Marcus Frajman 2-6 4-6

Ryan Sharp 7-6 3-6*

Our season came to an end after a strong fight against a good team.  Cousins Damon and Ryan played in a very high quality match, coming from a set down to win a 3-set marathon.  The boys were up 4-0 in the final set but lost the next five games before regaining their composure to win in a tiebreak.  Marcus and Ryan were let down by their serving and an inability to take the initiative against a team that played defensively and will rue not taking the 2nd set after leading 5-3.
It was one rubber all after doubles.  Saul was fresh and produced a fantastic performance to win in three sets against a really strong player.  Very impressive.  Damon was perhaps a bit tired after the doubles and after losing the first set in a tiebreak, he ran out of steam.  Marcus was outplayed and could not apply enough pressure in his match.  Ryan had some terrific running rallies and stopped his match at one set all when the final result was clear.
Overall, we can be proud of our season.  We lost some momentum in the last few weeks and hope our #1 Geoff makes a speedy return from injury.
- Marcus Frajman


Grade 7 Maccabi 3-7-60 def Melbourne Uni 3-6-60

Jordan Jaffe/Darren Seymour 6-4 6-0

Jan Tenenberg/Adam Needleman 7-5 5-7 1-6

Steven Kleytman 4-6 1-6

Jordan Jaffe 6-3 6-4

Marty Schwarz 7-6 6-1

Jan Tenenberg 3-6 2-6

Great to get a finals win even if it was by the smallest margin. A tense day saw another even team performance highlighted by the younger players. Jordan Jaffe and Marty Schwarz were terrific getting tough singles wins. 

Knowing we needed to get a doubles win to have a chance Darren did the right thing and combining with Jordan did just that !

The pressure and intensity goes up in finals and just like the Grade 6 team the singles players who also play doubles carry a big physical responsibility. Next week will be no different as we host a final against a team from another section.

Grade 9 East Camberwell 4-9-65 def Maccabi 2-5-49


Away at East Camberwell, despite the persistent bad weather over the last few rounds we thought we were prepared for finals.
Unfortunately the optimism lasted barely an hour as both doubles pairs got smashed (Joel and Michael were 5 points away from a doubles bagel but lost 0-6, 2-6) whilst Daniel and Nathan lost 3-6, 3-6 in matches that both pairs served terribly.
In singles, Ben started off pretty nervy and although he didn’t play that bad, he didn’t attack enough and lost the opening set 6-1. The second and third sets were a complete turnaround, as Ben attacked much better focussing on hitting to his opponent’s backhand to take both sets 6-2. 
Jack knew what he had to do and executed for 6-0. However playing defensive eventually got the better of Jack, losing the 2nd set 6-1, and had chances in a even 3rd set but lost 4-6.
With it all to do (win both matches in straight sets and win by 14 games just to get to a sudden death doubles)
Daniel won his first set 6-3 whilst Jack was finishing his match.
Joel played in a high quality match, however blew it (had 4-2 and a break point) and before we knew it the day was finished. Daniel’s opponent didn’t want to finish his match (4all and I think forfeited) whilst Joel did finish however didn’t get what he wanted out of the 4-6, 1-6 match.
Overall; A very tough and emotional day.
The positives: It was the best match Ben has played in pennant, and would have been one of the better matches that Daniel played. As for Jack, just some key moments that he lost ( like shot selection and volleys) was the difference between a win and loss in a clear improvement since the start of the season.
Apart from today’s doubles, the doubles over the course of the season had been a strength for us (with Daniel and Nathan playing well prior to today). Just a shame we couldn’t win at least win one of them today. Anyway, we will keep trying to improve (serve is a starting point for most of us). The off-season/ club champs will give us a good shot of doing that.
- Joel Rabinov



Section 2 Maccabi 4-5-54 def East Malvern 2-3-35

Mor Dahan 6-8

Ron Kotev 8-3

Daniel Vertes 8-1

Ben Needleman 8-5

Dahan/Kotev 6-2 6-2

Vertes/Needleman 6-7 6-7

Overall they had a great match winning against East Malvern,  This was the last match of the season before finals and we were comfortable knowing that we had secured a place in the top 4! Hopefully next week we can do a repeat!!! Well done guys great effort!!!
- Lauren Yarrow


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