3 August 2019 - Round 13 Winter

In Round 13, there were wins for five out of six teams.  The Grade 3 team had a bye and the only loss was by one set.



1. Register for the 2019 Maccabi Tennis Club and Victorian Jewish Tennis Championships. August 31/September 1 and September 7/8.  This is open to all Club members and Jewish tennis players http://www.maccabi.com.au/VIC/Tennis/News/7401/2019-Maccabi-Tennis-Club-and-Victorian-Jewish-Championships-Adults-Entries-Close-11-59pm-on-Monday-26-August-2019.cfm

2. Create a login to follow your team's ladder position, fixtures and results and monitor your own performance on the Tennis Australia Match Centre website https://leagues.tennis.com.au/

3. Next Saturday (10 August) is the final match of the home and away season for the Tennis Victoria Winter Pennant.  At least three Maccabi Pennant teams will be playing in finals.

4. There are still two more rounds in the Bayside winter competition, plus finals.  However, the Maccabi mixed doubles team plays their final match this weekend as they have a bye in the last round.



Grade 3



Grade 6 Maccabi 2-4-34 def Monash Uni 2-4-29

Saul Muscatel 4-6 3-6

Marcus Frajman 2-6 1-6

Marty Schwarz 6-0 6-0

Jamie Muscatel 6-2 6-3

It was a frustrating start as rain began to fall when we were warming up.  After a short delay, it became clear that we would have four courts.  All matches were relatively quick.  Marty filled in and won the first set in record time and then his opponent retired.  Jamie was in a rush to go to the footy and also didn't waste time.  Marcus was outplayed by an opponent with too much power.  Saul's match was the closest and longest in duration and he fought hard to win us important games.
- Marcus Frajman


Grade 7 Section 1 Maccabi 3-6-45 def Grace Park 1-2-23

Steven Kleytman 6-7 3-6

Jordan Jaffe 6-0 6-1

Jan Tenenberg 6-2 6-3

Adam Needleman 6-2 6-2

We power our way to top of the ladder after another convincing win , despite the late start,  due to a shower at 1pm. A special effort by Jan against a very good opponent and a mature performance by Jordan who was faultless in disposing of a very talented junior.

Grade 7 Section 2 Viewbank 2-5-42 def Maccabi 2-4-35

Patrick Monteiro 0-6 1-6

Adam Klein 7-5 5-7 6-1

Alan Datt 3-6 1-6

Doron Livshitz 6-2 6-3


Grade 9 Maccabi 2-5-43 def Royal South Yarra 2-4-38

Ben Pollak 6-1, 6-2
Joel Rabinov 6-7, 2-6
Nathan Rapoport 6-3, 3-6, 1-6
Jack Stock 6-2, 7-5.

The late afternoon rain that was predicted arrived at 1pm. Once the courts dried, Ben and Joel opened singles proceedings.
Ben began very well, breaking early and played a terrific set for 6-1. The 2nd set was very similar, up 3-0 before a slight drop for 3-2 before lifting with some great serving and a couple of Jack inspired perfect lobs on his way to a 6-2 win.
For Joel, the less said the better. (despite not playing well) had a lead that should never have lost, then once behind  (despite having some good rallies) that was it really (6-7, 2-6).
Nathan was ontop early (6-3) before his serve fell apart along with his opponent playing better to lose the 2nd and 3rd sets 3-6, 1-6.
Jack was tested early however with his counter punching eventually finished points on his terms for 6-2. In the 2nd set the opponent lifted significantly and despite Jack getting a 4-2 lead it was reeled in with Jack needing to hold serve at 4-5 to stay in the set. Jack managed to stay compose and with the extra hemoglobins and red blood cells with his trip to Mexico (yes that is Jack's own words) he powered to a 7-5 win.
Overall: Good for the side to get a win. Ben and Jack the heroes with straight sets wins, Nathan doing his part by winning his opening set.
On a personal level, today was incredibly frustrating. To give you some sort of picture as to my day, (for those following the Ashes) it was like Moeen Ali leaving a ball that pitches in line with the stumps and then hits the stumps... Anyway we have made finals, but I know that I'm going to have to play a lot better in finals- in particular, return of serves. 3 singles matches, all lost in straight sets with terrible returning being the starting point. Next week will be great preparation for finals playing the top team.
- Joel Rabinov



Section 2 Maccabi 5-7-54 def Ormond 1-1-27

Mor Dahan 5-8

Lauren Yarrow 8-5

Ron Kotev 8-3

Daniel Vertes 8-0

Yarrow/Kotev 7-6 6-3

Dahan/Vertes 6-1 6-1

1. Mor Dahan- Had a very tough match which consisted of great rallies where most shots hit deep into the court! She was down for majority of the match, started to make a comeback but in the end her opponent proved too strong as a result score was 5-8!
2. Lauren Yarrow-Had a good match which was pretty even at the start going game for game. She ended up breaking his serve a couple of times to take the lead. The set consisted of drop shots, lobs, passing shots and long rallies. In the end she overcame her opponent taking the set 8-5!  
3. Ron Kotev- Played very well only managing to drop a few games! His set consisted of some great rallies, serving and winners! As a result score was 8-3!
4.Daniel Vertes- Played such a great game proving too strong for his opponent!! His match consisted of some great rallies and winners! In the end score was 8-0!! 
1. Yarrow/ Kotev- Had a tough first set where their opponents had a 3-0 lead but they came back to even it up. From there it went game for game with lots of rallies, winners, lobs and drop shots! It eventually got to a tie break where they dominated and won 7-4 in the tie break! As a result score was 7-6. In the second set it went game for game until Yarrow and Kotev took the lead breaking serve twice! As a result score was 6-3!!!
2. Dahan/ Vertes- Had a great match only letting their opponents win a couple of games combined from the two sets! They had some great rallies and winners. As a result score was 6-1 6-1!!!
Great effort only dropping a set!!! Hopefully can do a repeat next week!!! 
- Lauren Yarrow


Section 5 Maccabi 3-7-56 def St Finbar's 1-2-33

Paul Kovacs/Sam Strunin 6-1 6-4

Natalee Nahoom/Anat Vernik 6-0 6-2

Strunin/Nahoom 6-2 7-5

Kovacs/Vernik 6-7 7-5 6-7


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