22 June 2019 - Round 8 Winter

In a rain affected afternoon of tennis, only one Maccabi team secured a team victory.  There were three draws, two losses and one bye.



Grade 3



Grade 6 East Camberwell 3-6-45 def Maccabi 1-3-32

Damon Flicker/Ryan Sharp 6-4 6-1 and 3-6 6-4 0-6
Geoff Rosenberger/Saul Muscatel 4-6 1-6 and 2-6 4-6

A credit to both teams who were all determined to play in rain affected conditions and waiting till 230pm before play eventually got under way.
Our opposition had 4 quality players and the level of tennis was outstanding from all.
Geoff and Saul started promisingly enough, but couldn't capitalise on their chances which proved to be slimmer as their matches wore on.
Damon and Ryan however showed once again how formidable (and lucky we are as a club to have them :) they are as a pairing wearing down their 1st opponents.
In true sportsmanship they forfeited the 3rd set of their 2nd rubber as the day was lost (and it was past 530pm).
A worthy opponent and good competition for our team who will need to bounce back next week to maintain our ladder position.
- Geoff Rosenberger


Grade 7 Section 1 Maccabi 4-8-49 def Liston 0-0-21

Steven Kleytman and Darren Seymour 6-3 6-2 and 6-3 6-3

Marty Schwarz and Jan Tenenberg 6-1 6-2 and 6-2 7-5

The Maccabi Grade 7 Section 1 Team travelled across Melbourne to play Liston Tennis Club. Luckily, the rain cleared out for their arrival that would ultimately result in the demolition of their opponents.
Jan and Marty opened proceedings, storming to a 6-1 lead in the first set against their opponents. Despite a small fight from their opposition, Marty and Jan played consistently and hit solid volleys to close out the rubber, taking the second set 6-2. Meanwhile, Steven and Darren fought valiantly to find their opponents’ weaknesses, eventuating in a solid 6-3 first set win. Similarly, in the following set the pair gave their opponents a bit of a mauling, closing out the second 6-2.
In the reverse doubles, Marty and Jan acted on the advice of Darren and Steven, systematically playing to their opponents’ weaknesses; they won the first set 6-2. However, their opponents found some form and played strategically, forcing the second set to a level 5-5. However, despite a few scares, Marty and Jan courageously snatched the next two games, winning the second set 7-5. In their reverse doubles, Darren and Steven did not encounter must resistance, indeed they were able to close out their second match 6-3 6-3.
So a very strong win for the team; as rightly pointed out by Darren, the Liston team will now have nightmares when they hear the name ‘Jan’. 
Let’s hope this run of form can continue for the remainder of the season and our finals campaign.
- Marty Schwarz


Grade 7 Section 2 Box Hill 4-8-52 def Maccabi 0-1-18
David Zulman and Adam Klein 1-6, 1-6 & 5-7, 6-3, 2-6
Zvi & Ron Schweitzer  0-6, 2-6 & 1-6, 0-6.

Arriving at Box Hill in light drizzle we took to the courts full of confidence, playing the bottom team, the only team we had scored a win over.  It soon became apparent this was going to be a really tough afternoon, as for the first time this season their top four players were playing.  Who were very good.
We ended up with our worst defeat for the season.  After completion of the first rubbers, we had secured a grand total of four games.  In the reverse rubbers, David and Adam were unlucky not to secure a victory, leading the first set 5-2 before losing their way, and then taking the second set before heavy rain caused a stop.  On returning to court the momentum swung back to their opponents with David and Adam losing the set quite quickly.
So a dismal afternoon at Box Hill.  At least their afternoon tea was yummy with chicken winglets, a collection of cheeses and some other delicacies which will remain our little secret.
- Ron Schweitzer


Grade 9 Maccabi 1-3-30 drew with East Camberwell 1-3-32

Away at East Camberwell (on a grey day) with quite possibly the most amount of space seen behind the baseline, doubles pairs were Joel and Nathan, Ben and Jack as they played pairs with one leftie in both pairings.
Conditions really suited Joel and Nathan (in that their serves weren't punished due to the slippery conditions) as they capitalised on the opponents errors for 6-2. All 4 players dug deep in the 2nd set during a good 20 minutes of drizzle, however Joel and Nathan prevailed 7-5.
Ben and Jack weren't up for the match going down 1-6, 0-6.
Ben and Jack played better in the 2nd match, however lost the opening set 6-3. Ben served well along with Jack volleying well for a 4-2 lead before rain for a game stopped the days play at 4-3.
Joel and Nathan started off well for 5-1 before taking that set 6-3. As they got out to a 3-0 lead they felt that they were on top however the weather had different ideas and despite trying to quickly close it out they lost the following game with the rain which stopped the day's play.
Overall: A day that produced a fait bit despite no result being produced. The opposition today had settled doubles combos whereas we didn't (Nathan and I hadn't played doubles together whilst Ben and Jack hadn't played doubles together for 4 months). However today wasn't a true indication of their best players- the weather wasn't conducive for them. Anyway, we got a fair bit out of today as we learnt a fair bit about the opposition and what is needed to be competitive. Hopefully we can get a win in our 4th consecutive away match, this one at Caulfield Rec.
- Joel Rabinov



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