15 June 2019 - Round 7 Winter

Many MTC members and players, including the likes of Joel Rabinov, were delighted with the achievement of Ash Barty in winning the 2019 French Open. Barty uses slice very effectively.

In Round 7, three of seven Maccabi teams won.



Grade 3 Beaumaris 3-6-44 def Maccabi 1-2-26

Asaf Nagar 6-4 6-3

Joel Fredman 1-6 1-6

Steven Gostin 3-6 1-6

Harvey Kaplan 5-7 3-6

Our veterans Maccabi team (all over 40yo) hosted the top of the table Beaumaris. Harvey (our emergency) did well and nearly got the first set leading 5-4 but ended up losing a close rubber. Joel and Steve had a rough day losing up a quality opponents. Asaf played solid match against a super nice guy and got 1 rubber to our team. Looking forward to get our young players back!!
- Asaf Nagar


Grade 6 Maccabi 3-7-46 def Templeton 1-2-30

Geoff Rosenberger 6-4 1-6 2-6

Jordan Swire 6-0 6-3

Damon Flicker 6-1 6-2

Marcus Frajman 6-3 7-5

Jordan and Damon went on first and were both clinical in straight sets victories.  Geoff and Marcus were both challenged and overall, it was a good team performance at Home.
- Marcus Frajman


Grade 7 Maccabi 2-5-48 def Mayfield Park 2-4-46

Steven Kleytman 7-5 6-7 3-6

Jordan Jaffe 7-6 6-3

Marty Schwarz 3-6 4-6

Jan Tenenberg 6-3 6-4


Grade 7 East Camberwell 3-6-49 def Maccabi 1-3-28

Alan Liebowitz 6-4 1-6 1-6

Daniel Henquin 2-6 4-6

Errol Dorfan 1-6 0-6

Adam Klein 6-3 7-6

The Maccabi grade 7 team had a tough afternoon travelling today to East Camberwell, who are second on the ladder, losing 1-3. 
Alan Liebowitz and Adam Klein played first, whilst Daniel Henquin and Errol Dorfan froze in the cold and watched from the park benches. 
Alan playing an unbelievable match against a young left hander, taking the first set and fighting all the way in the second and third.  The 2nd and 3rd  set scores do not reflect how tight the match was, with almost every game going to deuce and game points just not going Alan’s way. 
Although not pretty to watch (unlike Alan’s match which was high quality), Adam had a straight sets win, which took longer than Alan’s very tight 3 setter.  Rally’s were long and agonising, but the job was well done by Adam in the end.
Around 4 pm Errol and Daniel finally stepped on court to defrost, although Errol never had enough time, and didn’t even take off his track suit in the end.  Both played against young 16 year old dynamos, with phenomenal ground strokes.  Daniel played a very good match against a very tough opponent.  Errol just hopes that some of the rust and cobwebs were removed from his racquet when he did actually reach the ball, which consistently came whizzing past him on both the backhand and forehand sides.
- Errol Dorfan


Grade 9 Burwood 4-8-51 def Maccabi 0-1-30

Ben Pollak 6-1 1-6 4-6

Joel Rabinov 5-7 1-6

Jack Stock 3-6 2-6

Michael Rabinovich 6-7 3-6  

On the Burwood mod-grass courts, Ben and Michael opened proceedings.
Both number ones produced a set of unforced errors (6-1) before they both decided to turn up for the final set. Ben had chances, however wasn't able to prevail going down 6-4.
Michael felt like he was at Wimbledon, with his match being a real serve a thon (his opponent regularly serving and volleying, even on 2nd serves). Unfortunately Michael lost the tiebreak and got broken in the 2nd set for 6-7, 3-6.
Jack played a lefite who served and volleyed a lot (along with using slices). Jack was outplayed 3-6, 2-6.
Joel played a leftie and despite being the weaker player for the majority of the set had chances at 5all. Unfortunately didn't take it and ended up losing 5-7, 1-6.
Overall: Tough day at the office. Learnt that this is the team to beat in our section- one of the two best serving teams and have the ground strokes to back it up.  Hoping we can bounce back next week in a must win clash at East Camberwell.
- Joel Rabinov



Section 2 Maccabi 5-7-58 def MCC Glen Iris 1-2-29

Ron Kotev 6-8

Josh Duieb 8-4
Mor Dahan 8-2
Lauren Yarrow 8-1
Ron/ Lauren 6-3 4-6 6-3
Josh/ Mor 6-2 6-0

Everyone played very well and stayed strong! Only dropping 2 sets in the end defeating MCC Glen Iris which was a great effort!! Hopefully can do a repeat next week!! 
- Lauren Yarrow


Section 5 Mixed Doubles BLTC 2-5-50 def Maccabi 2-4-37

Paul Kovacs/Bradley Bergman 1-6 2-6

Gabi Bergman/Anat Vernik 6-3 7-6

Bergman/Bergman 6-5 2-6 7-6

Kovacs/Vernik 3-6 2-6


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