18 May 2019 - Round 4 Winter

Grade 7 players celebrate their come from behind win. L to R: Marty Schwarz, Adam Needleman (capt), Darren Seymour. Absent: Jan Tenenberg

In Round 4, there were wins for three out of seven Maccabi teams.



Grade 3 Beaumaris 3-7-49 def Maccabi 1-2-26

Asaf Nagar/Jess Flicker 3-6 0-6 and 1-6 6-3 6-4

Steven Gostin/Robert Minc 1-6 3-6 and 3-6 3-6

Not a lot to report besides that we were very average on the day and deserved to lose! Asaf and Jess played three horrible sets and played a bit better in the last two ets to win one rubber.  Rob and Steve played ok throughout the day but it wasn't enough against a solid doubles team from Beaumaris.
- Asaf Nagar


Grade 6 Centenary Park 2-6-50 def Maccabi 2-4-46

Geoff Rosenberger/Saul Muscatel 1-6 6-7 and 6-1 3-6 6-3

Damon Flicker/Marcus Frajman 6-4 5-7 6-3 and 5-7 2-6

We travelled down the road to Centenary Park and more than met our match.  Their number #1 pair were a really good team and both of our pairs could not take control against them, going down in straight sets.  Some high level tennis.  The other pair were not as quite strong and although both Maccabi pairs won the opening sets, we could not press home the advantage and won in three sets.  Ultimately, the games count shows how competitive we were but we went down by two sets. 
- Marcus Frajman


Grade 7 Section 1 Maccabi 2-4-39 def Yarraville 2-4-37

Jan Tenenberg / Adam Needleman 1-6 4-6 and 6-4 6-3
Marty Schwarz / Darren Seymour 4-6 6-7 and 6-3 6-2

Playing the top team that had won their first three was always going to be a real test for us. In perfect conditions we took to the courts. The test was made even more difficult after both pairs lost their first doubles match. It would be exceptionally difficult to win from 0-2 down against very solid players.
However, both Maccabi pairs got off to a great start in the reverse doubles winning the first set.  Things became very tense as both teams began to feel that the contest was on a knife edge. The tension suited us and both pairs got the job done winning in straight sets. Off to the scoreboard to see who won. It was Maccabi in one of the truly great wins .
Special mention to Jan , Marty and Darren who fought all day and never dropped their heads even when it was grim. We all encouraged each other and when the contest tightened this held us in good stead.
Jan holding serve at 4-3 up serving into a blazing low sun straight after the opposition player had dropped his serve from that end was just so composed.
Marty playing in only his second Grade 7 doubles match handled the pressure cooker environment like an old pro. This reminds me of Darren. When we were 0-2 down only Darren believed. His amazing optimism was a great help for Marty and as usual he served well and volleyed soundly.
Typified the gutsy team spirit that was palpable today. Sets up an exciting season.
- Adam Needleman


Grade 7 Holy Saviour 2-5-46 def Maccabi 2-4-40

David Zulman/Alan Liebowitz 1-6 3-6 and 6-4 6-2

Adam Klein/Errol Dorfan 4-6 7-5 7-5 and 3-6 3-6

Our first doubles week for the year came on a great afternoon for tennis. Errol and Adam won a marathon match lasting close to 3 hours, coming back from a set down and saving a match point. On the other hand Alan and David went down to a strong doubles pair who came to the net often and finished points quickly.
In the reverse doubles, Alan and David redeemed themselves with a straight sets victory, while Errol and Adam lost to the oppositions strong number 1 pair.
Overall, similar to last week, we lost by a set with 2 rubbers all.
- David Zulman


Grade 9 Maccabi 2-5-41 def Monash Uni 2-4-36

Joel Rabinov/Michael Rabinovich 2-6 3-6 and 6-2 6-4

Daniel Goodrich/Nathan Rapoport 6-1 6-0 and 2-6 7-5 3-6

At home against Monash Uni, Joel and Michael, Daniel and Nathan were the pairs in ideal conditions.
For Joel and Michael, a good start (breaking the oppositions serve) however didn't take the 50/50 games and chances. Kept missing volleys and not putting them away with the first volley. Ended up losing the opening set 2-6, then having chances in the 2nd set (2all) but couldn't find easy ways to win points going down 3-6.
Daniel and Nathan gave away the first game through unforced errors before they got their game going and kept the opposition on the back foot, as they served well, volleyed well and returned well. Along with opposition errors, a 6-1, 6-0 scoreline was achieved.
Joel and Michael served well in the opening set, however (based on the fact we weren't told anything major about the 2nd pair) were a bit shocked when the first two return points were aces (had fresh air swings that missed by miles)! Luckily did enough on the partners serve to break twice for 6-2. A closer 2nd set followed, however good enough for a 6-4 result.
Daniel and Nathan they found that with the tougher opposition they didn't find it as easy with their own intensity and consistency going down 2-6, 7-5, 3-6.
Overall: Good to get a win (thanks mainly to Daniel and Nathan). For Michael and I, its back to the drawing board for the time being: neither of us volleyed anywhere near good enough, and I served atrociously. But a win is a win, as we aim to get a hat-trick of wins next week with another home match.
- Joel Rabinov



Section 2 Maccabi 5-7-56 def Highmoor 1-1-34

Ron Kotev 6-8

Mor Dahan 8-1

Lauren Yarrow 8-4

Daniel Vertes 8-4

Kotev/Yarrow 7-6 7-6

Dahan/Vertes 6-3 6-2


Section 5 Mixed Doubles MCC Glen Iris 4-8-48 def Maccabi 0-0-16

Sam Strunin/Bradley Bergman 2-6 1-6

Anat Vernik/NIcole Cukierman 4-6 1-6

Strunin/Vernik 1-6 2-6

Bergman/Cukierman 1-6 4-6


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