9 February 2019 - Round 12 Summer


In Round 12 of competition, there were two wins (including a forfeit) and six losses.

The Section 6 team, led by David Zulman, are in great touch and secured their place in finals with an important win.



Section 2 Dendy Park 5-7-57 def Maccabi 1-2-27

Mor Dahan 8-3

Nicole Cukierman 2-8

Anat Vernik 0-8

Gabi Bergman 0-8

Dahan/Cukierman 7-5 4-6 6-7

Vernik/Bergman 0-6 0-6



Section 1 Williamstown 6-8-56 def Maccabi 0-0-14

Max Needleman 4-8

Jess Flicker 1-8

Saul Muscatel 1-8

Marty Schwarz 1-8

Needleman/Flicker 1-6 3-6

Muscatel/Schwarz 2-6 1-6

A severely depleted team went to Williamstown to play on synthetic grass, which was quite new for a couple of the boys.
Although the scores look one sided,  Max Needleman at no 1 was certainly in with a chance down 4-6 and serving , but did not take chances against a player he is capable of beating.
Marty Schwartz, a huge talent was given the opportunity to see the standard we expect him to play at and  was a credit to himself and the club.
Fantastic to see club favourite Jesse Flicker back after a year overseas and he will improve each week.
Saul Muscatel has always played high level tennis and did not look out of his depth.
- Adam Needleman


Section 5 Maccabi No 2 def PortMelbourne by forfeit

The boys were happy to take all the points without hitting a ball.
- Adam Needleman


Section 5 Mountain Gate 4-6-49 def Maccabi 2-2-30

Marcus Frajman 4-8

Ryan Sharp 8-2

Jordan Swire 8-7

Ryan Behr 4-8

Frajman/Swire 1-6 2-6

Sharp/Behr 0-6 3-6

We were found out by a better team today. An impressive win from fill in Jordan, who was a bit rusty but found a way to win. Sharpie is in great form and played really well. Marcus and Ryan B were outclassed.  The doubles matches were both one sided and a rain delay at the end only slowed the inevitable as we were soundly beaten in both doubles matches.  We look forward to rebounding next week.
- Marcus Frajman


Section 6 Maccabi 4-5-54 def Lauriston 1-2-29

David Zulman 8-7

Jordan Jaffe 8-3

Errol Dorfan 7-8

Alan Liebowitz 8-1

Zulman/Jaffe 6-7 5-2

Dorfan/Liebowitz 6-1 6-0


Section 7 Beaumaris 4-7-54 def Maccabi 1-2-37

Zvi Schweitzer          7-8
Ron Schweitzer  4-8
Daniel Vertes           3-8
Miguel Donnenfeld       8-3
Zvi & Ron               1-6, 2-6
Daniel & Miguel 4-6, 7-5, 1-4 (washout)

Playing the top team without our numbers 1 and 3 was always going to be a tough proposition, and while we fought and were not disgraced, we just weren’t up to it on the day.
Zvi played some good tennis, but unfortunately developed a sore leg and after leading 4-0, was forced to slow down and couldn’t keep up the pressure, but a very commendable loss.  Ron played a steady game, losing a number of games where he got to deuce, but at 4 all his opponent just put the foot down on the peddle and won the last four games straight.  Daniel played a very solid number 3, again losing a number of deuce games proved crucial.  We welcomed Miguel to the team who played exceptional tennis against possibly the sections best number 4 and was just far too good.
In the doubles, Zvi and Ron were both struggling and so it proved in the scores.  Daniel and Miguel’s match was a tight affair, going down in a close one in the first set, then saving a match point in the second set before winning it and pushing it to a third set.  They were down in the third set when the rain came, but who knows, they may have had one more fight left to come back.
Overall, a commendable effort against the top team.
- Ron Schweitzer


Section 8 BLTC def Maccabi 5-1 rubbers, 7-3 sets, 63-41 games.

Ben Pollak 0-8
Joel Rabinov 8-6
Daniel Goodrich 2-6
Ron Kotev 5-8
Ben/ Joel 7-5, 0-6, 3-6
Daniel/ Ron 6-7, 6-3. 3-6.

Away at BLTC, Ben and Joel opened proceedings in windy conditions.
Unfortunately from the get go Ben was outplayed, and although he may have deserved 1 or 2 games, it was unfortunately one-way traffic.
Joel was ontop early (chance for 4-1), before the windy conditions got worse with the opponent playing better before he eventually held serve for 4all. Holds of serves were now remarkably more common in the stronger wind as Joel got the only break courtesy of a double fault on match point to win 8-6.
Daniel had two good games early, 2-1 up. However, elbow tightness was taking a toll at this point. He did not feel comfortable out on the court as a 2-8 result followed. 
In a match with more aces than all the other 3 singles matches combined, Ron got out to a good start, before he let his opponent take control in the windy conditions losing 8-6.
Ben and Joel started well for a 7-5 lead. They didn't take an early chance for a break, and were made to pay with a loss of concentration for 0-6. The final set was close, however weren't able to win the 50:50 points and games going down 6-3.
Daniel and Ron led 5-3 in the first set and a chance to take it out. They lost the next two games before Ron served well for 6-5. They they lost a tight tiebreaker 5-7.
Daniel and Ron played better in the second set getting their serves in and finishing well at the net for a 6-3 score line. Unfortunately they were not able to replicate that consistency in the final set (3-6).
Overall: Our finals chances are gone, with us just looking forward to playing winter. 
Today was a missed opportunity; both doubles pairs had chances to win in straight sets and didn't even end up winning one rubber.
As for my doubles, just disappointed that after breaking in the opening game of the final set: we couldn't break any one of the multiple games that went to deuce. Plus it doesn't help that throughout the entire doubles I served terribly today and gave Ben absolutely no chance to win. 
- Joel Rabinov


Section 9 Clarinda 3-4-38 def Maccabi 3-4-36

Ben Needleman 8-4

Bradley Bergman 2-8

Paul Kovacs 8-2

Josh Dorfan 2-8

Kovacs/Needleman 6-2 6-2

Bergman/Dorfan 1-6 3-6

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