2 February 2019 - Round 11 Summer

The season resumed on Saturday with wins for two out of eight Maccabi teams. 

The final three matches of the Summer competition will be played in February, with finals matches in March.  

The Winter season will start in mid to late April so all players should update their captains as to their expected availability for winter ASAP.



Section 2 Burwood 2-4-36 drew with Maccabi 0-1-17

Mor Dahan/Lauren Yarrow 7-6 3-6 1-6

Nikki Cukierman/Gabi Bergman 1-6 5-7

Bergman 0-5

We tried our best managing to finish both doubles matches but due to the heat we stopped play. Still a great effort! 
- Lauren Yarrow



Section 1 Dendy Park 5-7-49 def Maccabi 1-1-20

Arthur Kaganovitch 8-1

Max Needleman 2-8

Jess Flicker 2-8

Steven Gostin 2-8

Kaganovitch/Needleman 3-6 2-6

Flicker/Gostin 0-6 1-6

We played on the hottest driest courts possible!!
Arthur played like the stud muffin that he is easily accounting for his opponent 8-1 he kept telling us how well he played and his nocturnal activities which had a detrimental effect on the rest of us!!!
We alll couldn’t concentrate all going down 2-8 
Max shot selection just not quite right 
Jessie coming off a long layoff struggled for consistency 
Steven up 2-1 30/40 should have won that game with the wrong shot selection then was up 40/15 or 15/40 another 4 times and didn’t convert any!!! Head case!!!!
In the doubles max/Arthur tried hard going down 2&3 while Steven/Jessie were way too inconsistent going down 0&1
- Steven Gostin


Section 5 Maccabi No 1 5-7-58 def Maccabi No 2 1-2-38

Geoff Rosenberger def Steven Kleytman 8-3

Marcus Frajman def Jan Tenenberg 8-4

Ryan Sharp def Adam Needleman 8-4

Daniel Henquin def Ryan Behr 8-5

Rosenberger/Behr def Kleytman/Needleman 4-6 6-4 7-6

Frajman/Sharp def Tenenberg/Henquin 6-2 6-1

In warm conditions, both Maccabi teams in Section 5 took to the court for the derby.  All players had their moments and it was quite watchable.  It is difficult to produce your best tennis when it is so hot but everyone gave a good account of their game and it is good to see players at the Club pushing each other to be better.
- Marcus Frajman


Section 6 Maccabi 3-4-51 def Langwarrin 3-4-44

David Zulman 6-8

Jordan Jaffe 8-6

Marty Schwarz 8-2

Errol Dorfan 7-8

Jaffe/Schwarz 4-6 6-7

Zulman/Dorfan 6-3 6-4

On a hot day for tennis our side came up against a strong Langwarrin at home. Marty and Jordan gave us the start we needed with 2 solid victories. Errol and David then went down in 2 very tight and gruelling contests. 
At this point, our opponents were ready to call it a day and split it 2 rubbers all due to the intense heat on court. However, we were ready and prepared to play out the day as a win would put our side in a strong position for finals. Errol and David were able win, while Jordan and Marty won enough games to secure victory overall on the day
- David Zulman


Section 7 Royal South Yarra 4-6-45 def Maccabi 2-2-27
Johnson Duong   4-8
Patrick Montiero        2-8
Alan Datt                       8-0
Daniel Vertes           8-3
Johnson & Ron   1-6, 0-6
Alan & Daniel           4-6, 0-6

Sitting sixth on the ladder, 2 points behind our 5th placed opponents, this was a must win match if we were to make the finals, especially with our last 3 matches against the 2nd, 3rd and 4th teams.  Unfortunately it was not to be.
Johnson and Alan went on in the searing heat.  Johnson was a bit rusty to start with, then managed to rattle off four games in a row but he had given his opponent too much of a head start and wasn’t able to catch him.  Patrick unfortunately soon found himself in trouble - slightly by his opponent,  but more so by painful blisters on his feet.  Not being able to run / move properly was a major issue, and unfortunately he went down.
Next Alan and Daniel took to the court - even hotter.  Alan played as if he had been practicing all summer (he hadn’t), winning very easily.  Daniel’s game was more drawn out but in the end Daniel ran out a convincing winner.
So at the end of the singles, we were 3 games ahead.  Patrick had to retire hurt, so captain Ron was called up for duties, leaving the coolness of the swimming pool to come to the tennis courts. It was soon obvious he should have stayed at the swimming pool - certainly he played tennis like a swimmer.  Johnson’s and Ron’s match was over very quickly, sensibly not spending too much time in the sun.  Alan, after being out in the sun all morning, also became unwell and was unable to finish his doubles’ match - though all was lost by then anyway.
A very disappointing end to the day, and probably finished us off for the season.  We will continue to fight it out to the end, but very little hope of a final’s berth.
- Ron Schweitzer


Section 8 Black Rock 5-7-53 def Maccabi 1-1-29

Ben Pollak 4-8

Joel Rabinov 8-4

Miguel Donnenfeld 6-8

Jack Stock 1-8

Rabinov/Donnenfeld 3-6 0-6

Pollak/Stock 5-7 2-6

Despite the opposition wanting to play doubles first (which could have meant the possibility of playing singles at 3:30, 4pm in 35 degrees) we ended up playing singles first at Black Rock.
Jack found returning to summer pennant a challenge, outplayed 1-8.
Miguel had chances in his match at 5-3, before his opponent played well at the important moments as Miguel lost 6-8. 
Joel's match was break for break, before Joel finally held serve for 5-3 and then held serve for 8-4 in a good display.
Ben started pretty poorly down 3-1 and although Ben got back from 0-40 to win the game to make it 3-3, Bens serving was pretty poor all as Ben ended up losing 8-4 in a disappointing match.
Joel and Miguel started well, having 1-0,40-30. However all downhill from there, with the opposition gaining confidence and even hitting clean winners off of our returns.
Ben and Jack followed a similar pattern, up 2-0 before being down 2-5, drawing level for 5all then losing the next 7 games and being outclassed to be down 5-0 before avoiding the bagel by losing 6-2.
Overall; A day that probably destroys our finals chances (barring us winning all 3 rounds along with results going our way).
- Joel Rabinov


Section 9 Carmelite 4-5-44 def Maccabi 2-3-39

Nathan Rapoport 5-8

Josh Duieb 8-5

Ben Needleman 7-8

Bradley Bergman 6-8

Rapoport/Duieb 6-3 6-0

Needleman/Bergman 0-6 1-6


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