15 December 2018 - Round 10 Summer

In Round 10, many matches were affected by rain.  Three teams won, two teams lost and there were three washout draws.

One of the highlights of the season to date has been the way that emerging juniors including Lachie Zuker, Jay LandauCharlie Landau and Ashlee Priester have fitted in seamlessly and looked comfortable when filling in for senior teams for the first time.

The season resumes on Saturday February 2 2019 with the final four matches of the season, followed by finals.

Maccabi Tennis Club encourage all players to practise over the summer holidays, enjoy the Australian Open summer of tennis and all the best in 2019.



Section 2 Maccabi 0-0-4 drew with Hawthorn 0-1-9

Mor Dahan/Lauren Yarrow 3-3

Ashlee Priester/Nikki Cukierman 1-6



Section 1 Maccabi 1-1-10 drew with Grace Park 0-0-11

Joey Pat

Max Needleman 8-4

Steven Gostin 2-7

Marcus Frajman

Only good thing to report is the breakthrough win for maxy!!played steady consistent tennis to win 8/4
Steven playing with a slight side strain struggled to serve well and was basically saved by the downpour  
The other side decided to call it a day not wanting to wait the hour for the courts to dry so we ended the year with a washout 
- Steven Gostin


Section 5 Maccabi No 2 1-1-10 drew Mountain Gate 1-1-10 Washout

Jan Tenenberg 2-8

Adam Needleman 8-2

Darren Seymour

Daniel Henquin

Playing the second team we had a real chance but rain prevented a result
- Adam Needleman


Section 5 Maccabi No 1 6-8-56 def Port Melbourne 0-0-7

Geoff Rosenberger 8-5
Damon Flicker 8-0
Ryan Sharp 8-1
Ryan Behr 8-0
Damon/Ryan S 6-0 6-0
Geoff/Ryan B 6-1 6-0

Away to Port Melbourne, our opponents season appeared to be falling apart (bottom of the ladder and forfeiting last round). And so it was again, playing a weakened side and with 2 fill ins.
Damon and both Ryans conceded 1 game between them in the singles, and a second solitary game was lost in 4 sets of doubles! Only Geoff's match resembled any semblance of a contest.
So at 2:47pm, with all matches ended (and 2 of our opponents not hanging around), it was decided by the 4 of us to head over to Damon's house for a competitive match of table tennis to fill in the rest of the afternoon! 
- Geoff Rosenberger


Section 6 Grace Park 3-5-47 def Maccabi 3-4-43

Alan Liebowitz 8-4

Leor Bar 0-8

Charlie Landau 3-8

Jay Landau 8-3

Bar/Liebowitz 6-0 6-7 6-4

Landau/Landau 1-6 5-7


Section 7 Maccabi 6-8-57 def Dendy Park 2 0-0-20
Zvi Schweitzer 8-2
Patrick Monterio  8-6
Ron Schweitzer 8-2
Daniel Vertes 8-5
Zvi and Daniel 6-0, 6-0
Patrick and Ron  6-0, 7-5

In a must win match, all 4 players took to the court in somewhat muggy conditions.  A couple of close matches, a couple of tighter ones, but in the end four convincing wins by all players just as it started to rain meant that we had secured victory before we got to the doubles.
In Zvi’s match, his opponent injured his groin chasing down one of Zvi’s drop shots meaning when Zvi was 6-2 up his opponent had to retire hurt, meaning Zvi and Daniel got a walkover in their doubles.  Patrick and Ron steamrolled their opponents in the first set, and looked set to do it again in the second set leading 5-2 and with 2 match points;  somehow they squandered them and soon found themselves at 5 all.  They managed to steady and win the next two games to secure victory.
So overall an excellent day at the office, collecting all 10 points and a significant percentage boost.  A good way to enter the summer break.
- Ron Schweitzer


Section 8 Maccabi 4-5-53 def Caulfield Rec 2-4-50

Ben Pollak 6-8

Joel Rabinov 8-6

Daniel Goodrich 8-3

Miguel Donnenfeld 8-7

Rabinov/Donnenfeld 4-6 7-6 6-1

Pollak/Goodrich 1-6 5-7

At home against Caulfield Rec in a must win match, Daniel and Ben opened proceedings.
Daniel controlled most of his match, up 4-0 early, dropped a game then at 6-1 the weather changed. Eager to get the match finished, Daniel hit unforced errors, which handed his opponent 2 more games before taking out the match 8-3.
Both Ben and his opponent struggled with serving until 3all. They then both held their next couple service games until the opponent broke for 6-4. The rain then began, however Ben did manage to break back before stopping at 5-6. 
Once resuming play on the front courts (with the sun out on court for the next few hours), Ben managed to hold to get it to 6all and had 15-40 before the opponent hit 2 huge serves to get out of trouble and then broke Ben to win 8-6. Ultimately it was a solid performance against a very good opponent, however once again it was a match that got away for Ben.
Joel was in a match full of momentum swings where the first player to take the first strike in a rally would win the point. From 2-0, to 2-4, to 6-4 (and the opponent then saving a break point with a backhand down the line) to 6all before Joel closed it out 8-6.
Miguel played a 13 year old kid who kept getting everything back! Miguel ended up winning what proved to be a pivotal rubber by prevailing in a tiebreak!
A slow start for Ben and Daniel with their opponents forcing the errors going down 1-6 in the first. The good sign is that they were competitive in the second set as they lifted. They had the belief at 5all but it just wasn’t enough, losing the points that they needed to win, going down 5-7.
Joel and Miguel were making errors and not adjusting to the other's singles opponent (4-6). A close 2nd set was the key: Joel and Miguel finding their way and rhythm to take the tiebreak 7-1, in front of a eager crowd before getting a 3-0 lead before Miguel cramped up. Upon resumption, the weather looked like it was going to turn again, so eventually closed it out 6-1 before the minute of slight drizzle at 6:40.
Overall: Great win for us that showed Melbourne's 4 seasons in a day!
I'm going to need those 6 weeks off before our next match. From looking like not playing, to playing 3 tight set plus the last one, I am very sore( AND for those with weak stomachs, don't read the following).
After today's match, I ended up throwing up my dinner. Note: blue Powerade doesn't look good... although it still looks better than Carlton's 2018 grey clash jumper!
- Joel Rabinov


Section 9 Mentone 6-8-57 def Maccabi 0-0-24

Dave Gelbart 6-8

Joshua Duieb 4-8

Ben Needleman 0-8

Bradley Bergman 2-8

Gelbart/Needleman 2-6 2-6

Duieb/Bergman 2-6 6-7


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