8 December 2018 - Round 9 Summer

A reminder that the 2018 Maccabi Tennis Club Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday December 12: http://www.maccabi.com.au/VIC/Tennis/News/7186/Notice-of-2018-Club-AGM.cfm

Next Saturday (December 15) will be the final game before the summer competition takes a six-week break, with the final four weeks on the first Saturday in February 2019.

In Round 9, two out of eight Maccabi teams won.



Section 2 Tennis World 4-6-53 def Maccabi 2-3-31

Mor Dahan 8-3

Lauren Yarrow 5-8

Nikki Cukierman 1-8

Gabi Bergman 0-8

Dahan/Yarrow 2-6 7-6 6-2

Cukierman/Bergman 1-6 1-6 



Section 1 Royal South Yarra 6-8-56 def Maccabi 0-0-6

Joey Pat 2-8

Max Needleman 0-8

Robert Minc 0-8

Michail Shalit 1-8

Pat/Shalit 0-6 0-6

Needleman/Minc 2-6 1-6


Section 5 Carmelite 5-5-53 def Maccabi No 2 1-1-33
Steven Kleytman 4-8
Jan Tenenberg 8-5
Adam Needleman 4-8
Daniel Henquin 4-8
Needleman/Kleytman 1-6 4-6
Tenenberg/Henquin 4-6 4-6

We had all four en tous cas courts to start. So in perfect conditions we
struggled from the beginning.  The only player to get a singles win was Jan
Tenenberg,  who had simply too big a game for his opponent. The others never
really got going despite having some small  chances. I was hoping that  the
mood would lift and we would win both doubles and record a remarkable
victory. Instead our communication and ability to support each other
disappeared. Our opponents were not really any better than us so todays
result was poor on many levels.
- Adam Needleman


Section 5 Maccabi No 1 5-7-51 def OLGC 1-1-20

Geoff Rosenberger 3-8

Saul Muscatel 8-6

Marcus Frajman 8-0

Ryan Sharp 8-0

Rosenberger/Muscatel 6-2 6-1

Frajman/Sharp 6-0 6-3

A strong team win. Geoff toiled hard against the best player in our section. Saul prevailed in a close one. Marcus and Ryan were not challenged against emergencies, which weakened the opposition. The doubles matches were both quite one-sided.
- Marcus Frajman


Section 6 St Pat's Mentone 4-6-56 def Maccabi 2-3-41

Alan Liebowitz 3-8

Ben Pollak 8-6

Paul Newfield 8-5

Lachie Zuker 3-8

Liebowitz/Pollak 7-5 3-6 3-6

Newfield/Zuker 3-6 3-6

A team of all fill ins played pretty competitive all day even in hot conditions and a level up in standard for a few of us. Alan played at 1 and although it was fairly close in the beginning, Alan went down 8-3 against a very good player. Ben played at 2 and was a very long match and although Ben trailed 6-5 he managed to get back on top and win 8-6. Paul played at 3 and played very well throughout the match, winning 8-5. Lachie played at 4 and was very competitive against a very consistent player, although the scoreline was 8-3, it didn’t reflect the closeness of the match.
Ben and Alan played at 1 and even though were 5-2, they took the set 7-5. The second and third sets were unfortunately different, with silly errors arising, going down 6-3 6-3. Paul and Lachie played as the 2nd pair and were competitive, however the more experienced pair were too good, going down 6-3 6-3.
Overall, unfortunately it was a loss but I reckon David and his team can be proud of our efforts.
- Ben Pollak


Section 7 Mordialloc 4-5-46 def Maccabi 2-3-30

Alan Datt 5-8
Patrick Montiero 8-5
Paul Koltun 0-8
Daniel Vertes 2-8
Alan and Patrick 6-3, 6-2
Paul and Daniel 1-6, 2-6

Up against the second top team, it was always going to be a tough day without our numbers 1 and 2.  And so it proved to be.  Paul and Daniel took to the courts first, with the scores being quite one sided but the actual games being a lot closer, with many deuce games in the sets but our lads just not able to win the big points.  Then it was Alan and Patrick’s turn, both close games, with Alan having his chances but unfortunately not taking them, whereas Patrick was able to take them and notch our first win for the day.
On to the doubles, with Alan and Patrick teaming well to secure a very solid victory against their number 1 pair;  Paul and Daniel were just outgunned by a very solid number 2 pair.
- Ron Schweitzer


Section 8 East Malvern 6-8-57 def Maccabi 0-0-24

Joel Rabinov 2-8

Daniel Goodrich 4-8

Jack Eydlish 4-8

Miguel Donnenfeld 3-8

Rabinov/Eydlish 1-6 3-6

Goodrich/Donnenfeld 1-6 6-7

Away at East Malvern on a humid day, Joel and Miguel opened proceedings. 
Joel got out to a 2-1 lead before his opponent served smarter as well as Joel hitting double faults (and missing forehands on vital points) to lose 2-8.
Miguel had chances in his rallies but lost 3-8.
Daniel had a slow start getting use to the standard jump playing at 2, before levelling things at 4all before his opponent got on a run on for 4-8.
Jack Eydlish repeated the story of the day, a close match (at 3all) but lost 4-8.
Joel and Jack didn't play well in the opening set 1-6. The 2nd set they played a lot better and had plenty of chances to break, but couldn't and went down 3-6.
Daniel and Miguel had a similar story, 1-6 before losing the 2nd set in a tiebreak.
Overall: Tough matches but not the result we wanted. Thank you to Jack and Miguel for filling in, however all matches repeated a similar storyline; us hitting numerous double faults whilst they used their serves efficiently and them winning the 50:50 points. We need to end the year on a high and win next week against Caulfield Rec.
- Joel Rabinov


Section 9 Maccabi 4-6-50 def East Malvern 2-3-39

Nathan Rapoport 4-8

Joshua Duieb 8-5

Sam Strunin 8-2

Rob Schattner 2-8

Rapoport/Duieb 6-2 6-3

Strunin/Schattner 4-6 6-2 6-3

Felt good to get a win in trying conditions. Josh and Sam had great wins in singles. Nathan and Rob fought hard in their losses. At the end of singles there was only a one game separating the teams. Nathan and Josh had a great straight sets victory in doubles. Sam and Rob went down in the first set but took the second, clinching the match, and they then won the decider, for a great finish to the day.
- Nathan Rapoport


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