1 December 2018 - Round 8 Summer

The Section 2 women's team wearing black armbands in memory of teammate Yael Gigi

In Round 8 of BRTA competition, four out of eight Maccabi teams won.



Section 2 Maccabi 4-5-44 def Grace Park 2-3-28

Mor Dahan 8-1
Lauren Yarrow 8-2
Emma Kaye 8-2
Nikki Cukierman 1-8
Dahan/ Yarrow 6-2 6-0
Kaye/ Cukierman 2-6 5-7

The Maccabi women's team knew they had a tough match ahead of them as they were defeated by Grace Park in their first meeting. They fought very hard especially playing in honour of Yael Gigi who was a cherished team member and friend. Despite Yael and her killer backhand being dearly missed, with the sun blazing and guns out they managed to defeat Grace Park which was an amazing effort!!! 
- Lauren Yarrow



Section 1 BLTC 6-8-57 def Maccabi 0-0-19

Arthur Kaganovitch 3-8

Joey Pat 1-8

Max Needleman 2-8

Steven Gostin 2-8

Kaganovitch/Needleman 0-6 3-6

Pat/Gostin 3-6 5-7

What a tough day at the office!!
None of us could adjust to the windy conditions against a really solid side 
Arthur who is leaving for Israel tonight!! Struggled for consistency agst a very consistent opponent going down 2/8
Joey really struggled agst a big serving monster who just didn’t allow Joey to settle into any rhythm losing 1/8 
Max played a leftie who also didn’t allow him to settle into any rhythm losing 2/8 
Steven lacked consistency in the wind having game points in his first 2 serves but double faulted twice to give a vital games going down 2/8
Max/Arthur just struggled agst a sharper pair losing 0&3 Steven /Joey played really good doubles agst a very strong pair losing the first 3/6 and leading 5/3 in the second before going down 5/7 in a tight set 
We all struggled in the wind however we wish Arthur a bon voyage as he is leaving for Israel tonight on the birthright program as the only redeeming aspect of the day!
- Steven Gostin


Section 5 Kings Park 5-7-59 def Maccabi No 2 1-3-46
Jan Tenenberg 5-8
Adam Needleman 8-2
Darren Seymour 3-8
Daniel Henquin 5-8
Needleman/Tenenberg 2-6 6-4 3-6
Seymour/Henquin 6-4 3-6 5-7

We are now competitive every contest but are not getting the results for our
effort. The heat made this a tough hard long contest with the final rubber
concluding at 5.45pm. I believe we have all improved since the start of the
season and although we are one quality player short,  the experience of
playing guys slightly better will hold us in good stead.
- Adam Needleman


Section 5 BLTC 4-5-47 def Maccabi No 1 2-3-32

Geoff Rosenberger 2-8

Damon Flicker 3-8

Marcus Frajman 8-6

Ryan Behr 3-8

Flicker/Frajman 1-6 3-6

Rosenberger/Behr 6-1 6-4

The warm conditions made it challenging, playing against a good team. Geoff and Damon found it tough against high quality opponents. It was Ryan's first loss of the season and Marcus secured the team's only singles win against a tricky opponent.  We needed to win both doubles rubbers but could not achieve this and we hope to rebound next week.
- Marcus Frajman


Section 6 Maccabi 5-7-56 def Yamala 1-1-32

Leor Bar 7-8

Jordan Jaffe 8-5

Marty Schwarz 8-4

Alan Liebowitz 8-4

Jaffe/Schwarz 6-4 6-0

Bar/Liebowitz 6-2 7-5

The Section 6 team ventured on their longest drive of the season, to Yamala in South Frankston. 
Marty and Alan, who has kindly agreed to fill in for the team three weeks in a row in desperate times (and thankfully so), took to the dry en tout cas Yamala courts. On the foreign and bouncy surface, Marty and Alan initially struggled. Down 0-2, Marty was fortunately able to find some momentum, winning four games in a row. It was fairly close from there, each player winning a game after the other, bringing the score to 5-4 in favour of Marty. However, Marty was able to surge ahead and take advantage of his opponent’s inconsistency, going up 8-4. Similarly, Alan played very well, giving himself a 7-2 lead. Despite some well-placed serves from his opponent, Alan played nice and consistently, securing the win at 8-4. Jordan and Leor subsequently took to the court. Jordan fought hard in a very close match, bringing the scores to five each. However, Jordan found some momentum in the dry heat and won the next three games, defeating his opponent 8-5. In another close match, Leor also battled with his opponent, finding himself down 4-5. In a nail-biting match, Leor played a tie-breaker but was unable to convert, going down 7-8.
In the doubles, Marty and Jordan played number one pair and had difficulty getting their eye in at the beginning of the match. It was back and forth; the scores were four-a-piece. Marty and Jordan were, however, able to find some serious momentum, winning the next eight games. They won 6-4 6-0. Leor and Alan did not have too hard a time in the first set of their match. They cruised to a 6-2 victory. The second set was much closer. However, the pair fought valiantly, taking the second 7-5.
Overall, a solid and convincing win for the Section 6 team. If we want to continue this winning streak, we will need fill ins (one on the 8th and two on the 15th)...
- Marty Schwarz


Section 7 Maccabi 5-7-61 def Royal South Yarra 1 1-3-47
Zvi Schweitzer 7-8
Alan Datt  8-4
Daniel Huggins (e) 8-5
Ron Schweitzer 8-1
Zvi and Alan  6-4, 3-6, 6-3
Daniel and Ron 6-4, 2-6, 7-6

Playing the bottom team, it was important to secure a solid win.  Zvi and Alan took to the courts on this hot sunny windy day.  When Daniel and Ron’s opponents turned up a few minutes later, they asked about finding a couple of spare courts to go onto - they kindly obliged by suggesting we play on the grass courts.  Well, who were we to say no???  Took us back to our days playing at Wimbledon.
So Zvi and Alan toiled away on the dusty red stuff, while Daniel and Ron enjoyed the pleasure of playing on the beautiful grass.  Zvi was ahead near the end of the match but was not able to close it out, losing a match that he could have won.  Meanwhile, Alan, Daniel and Ron had fairly comfortable wins (Daniel’s and Ron’s being a lot more comfortable on the grass - oops, that’s already been mentioned, hasn’t it?
So holding a comfortable 3-1 lead, but the day wasn’t over.  Both doubles were played on the grass, and both matches followed similar patterns.  Both pairs won the first set, then lost focus in the second set before coming back to secure victory in the third.  Whilst Zvi and Alan’s victory in the third was quite a comfortable one, Daniel and Ron almost managed to throw it away - they raced to a 5-1 lead in the third set, had a number of match points in the next game which they weren’t able to take, and then they found themselves down 5-6 before finally winning a game to even it at 6 all.  Things got worse in the tiebreak, after racing to a 4-1 lead, somehow they found themselves down 5-6.  They managed to steady the ship and win the tiebreak 8-6.
So in the end a comfortable 5-1 win for the team, but things did get a bit shaky in the doubles.
Thanks Daniel for filling in for us.  
- Ron Schweitzer


Section 8 Maccabi 4-6-55 def Tennis World 2-3-30

Ben Pollak 7-8

Joel Rabinov 8-5

Daniel Goodrich 8-0

Ron Kotev 8-1

Goodrich/Kotev 3-6 6-4 3-6

Rabinov/Pollak 6-0 6-0

At home against Tennis World, Daniel and Ron opened proceedings. 
Daniel matched his singles effort from last time, winning 8-0.
Ron in his first match back from injury won 8-1.
Joel's opponent was a lot more stingier than last time, and made a good contest (with a 5-4 lead) before the heat took its toll as Joel won the last few games to love to win 8-5.
Ben played in a match with both players playing a similar style with rallies of 20+ shots very common. Despite Ben saving a match point at 5-7, he couldn't prevent his opponent winning in a tiebreak in a match that tested both players.
Daniel and Ron played their first pair (their 1 and 2) who got the jump on Daniel and Ron leading 4-1 before they closed out the opening set 6-3. In the second set Daniel and Ron stepped it up for a 4-2 lead, before losing the next two games before winning a service game and getting the break for 6-4 as they got rewarded for a good set of tennis. The third set was game for game (3all), however unforced errors (serve and overhitting shots) cost Daniel and Ron as they lost 6-3.
Joel and Ben found their doubles a lot easier by not dropping a game (and even had net cords go their way for a change).
Overall: A solid win against the bottom team (which was our first back to back wins of the season). Today was physically and mentally tough (although have to give credit to the opposition 1 and 2 who would have been on court for close to 4 hours in extremely tight matches) as our team stayed competitive until the very end. Hopefully we have put some rust and errors away as we move onto a very important fortnight for our team. 
- Joel Rabinov


Section 9 Ormond 3-5-49 def Maccabi 3-5-47

Dave Gelbart 1-8

Joshua Duieb 8-4

Sam Strunin 1-8

Paul Kovacs 8-1

Gelbart/Strunin 6-7 6-3 5-7

Duieb/Kovacs 0-6 6-1 6-4


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