10 November 2018 - Round 5 Summer

In Round 5 of BRTA competition, there were wins for 5 out of 8 teams. Two teams lost 3-3 on sets.

It was a memorable afternoon for the Maccabi women's team, led by captain Lauren Yarrow, who celebrated her birthday in style.  The women's team enjoyed their first win in Section 2, narrowly defeating the team ranked 2nd on the ladder! All players won a singles or doubles rubber.

In other news:

  • All players (and captains) are reminded that a tiebreak is played when the score is 7 games all.
  • All players (and captains) are reminded that the nominated playing order is to be followed at all times.  Failure to comply with this will result in rubbers being forfeited 8-0 and fines for the Club.
  • The 2018 Maccabi Tennis Club Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday December 12 2018 at 7:30pm.  All members are invited.



Section 2 Maccabi 3-5-45 def Dendy Park 3-3-41

Mor Dahan 5-8

Lauren Yarrow 8-5

Yael Gigi 7-8

Nikki Cukierman 1-8

Yarrow/Gigi 6-3 6-4

Dahan/Cukierman 6-2 6-3

1- Mor Dahan: Had a very tough match against her opponent with some great rallies! She was in the lead for most of the match but then her opponent managed to over power and come back unfortunately! As a result score was 5-8 Still a great effort!!! 
2- Lauren Yarrow: She also had a tough match putting up some great shots! She was in the lead for the majority of the match but her opponent started to come back evening the score to 5 a piece! Lauren started attacking more and managed to win the next 3 games to clench the set 8-5 which was a great effort!
3-Yael Gigi: Had a very close match consisting of very long rallies which came came down to who ever stuffed up first! Gigi was also in the lead for the majority of the match but then her opponent got the better of her and took the lead unfortunately! Score was 7-9 great effort!!! 
4- Nikki Cukierman: Had a very tough match which consisted of great rallies which didn't really reflect the score. She managed to get a game but her opponent was too strong and as a result score was 1-8 still a good effort! 
1- Lauren/Yael: Had a tough match ahead of them with the first set going game for game with great rallies getting to 4 a piece! Yarrow and Gigi managed to stay composed and took the first set 6-4! They then took a 3-1 lead in the second but not long after their opponents caught up to make it 3-3! Yarrow and Gigi managed to stay composed in this second set to clench the set 6-3 which was a fantastic effort!
2- Mor/ Nikki: Had a very tough match with some great rallies!! They managed to dominate in the first set with a 6-2 win! The second set was a struggle but they managed to pull through and clench the set 6-3 which was also a fantastic effort!!! 
Overall everyone played well and managed to get our first win of the season especially against the second top team which was an amazing effort!! Hopefully can do a repeat in the next few weeks and so on!!! 
- Lauren Yarrow



Section 1 Williamstown 3-5-50 def Maccabi 3-3-40

Asaf Nagar 8-7

Max Needleman 7-8

Steven Gostin 8-7

Marcus Frajman 8-4

Nagar/Needleman 3-6 4-6

Gostin/Frajman 2-6 0-6

Soo close!!!
Asaf came to the rescue and played 
His match was a high quality encounter against a gd1 opponent who made very few errors and served well bout asaf eventually prevailed 8/7 
Max again started well playing some great array of shots to keep his gd2 opponent off guard however his opponent started to get into the match and found a way to stay close scoreboard wise to force a tiebreaker unfortunately max just couldn’t quite maintain his level and lost 7/8
Steven played a mirror image of himself a grinder leftie and at one stage led 5/2 and 6/4 but his gd3 opponent fought back to level 7/7 however Steven lifted to take the tie breaker and win 8/7
Marcus filled in and played solid tennis agst an erratic but big serving player eventually winning 8/4 
Up 3/1 we just needed 1 more rubber but unfortunately Steven /Marcus struggled for any rhythm or consistency going down 2&0 while asaf/max also struggled for consistency agst a seasoned pair going down 3&4 
Disappointing not to win on the day but good signs that we r at least starting to get competitive at this level
- Steven Gostin


Section 5 Maccabi No 2 4-5-44 def Port Melbourne 2-3-24
Steven Kleytman 1-8
Adam Needleman 8-1
David Kenley 8-1
Darren Seymour 8-2
Kleytman/Needleman 3-6 4-6
Kenley/Seymour 6-0 6-0

A perfect day for tennis saw us get the perfect result.  Playing away we
managed to get our first win. Playing without an emergency for once and
welcoming back our secret weapon were the ingredients we had missed so far this season. David Kenley back from Europe cruised to an 8-1 win and then partnering Darren Seymour did not lose a game. Great to have that talent lurking down the order. Darren is not going to lose any at 4. So we move forward with optimism.
- Adam Needleman


Section 5 Maccabi No 1 4-6-45 def Mountain Gate 2-2-36

Saul Muscatel 1-8

Damon Flicker 8-6

Ryan Sharp 8-3

Alan Liebowitz 3-8

Flicker/Sharp 6-1 7-6

Muscatel/Liebowitz 6-1 6-3


Section 6 Lauriston 3-4-43 def Maccabi 3-4-40
Leor Bar 1-8
David Zulman 5-8
Marty Schwarz 8-7
Errol Dorfan 8-1
Leor and David 1-6 4-6
Marty and Errol 6-2 7-5

On a great day for tennis, all four singles took to the court first. However, the sun quickly dried the en tout cas courts, creating a challenge for our team. It was nearly impossible to change directions without slipping! Leor played a talented opponent, while Errol comfortably won and played the conditions well. The story of the day was Marty, who came back from 1-6 down to win 8-7. David was still rusty after a few weeks out and was outplayed. During the doubles, Leor and David battled hard in the second set but the opponents were too strong, while Marty and Errol continued their form from singles to win comfortably. Unfortunately we lost narrowly in a week which we needed a win.
- David Zulman


Section 7 BLTC 6-8-66 def Maccabi 0-2-37
Zvi Schweitzer          1-8
Alan Datt                       6-8
Ron Schweitzer  5-8
Paul Koltun             3-8
Zvi and Ron             7-5, 3-6, 1-6
Alan and Paul           7-5, 3-6, 1-6

Sitting in fourth position 5 points behind our opponents, this was going to be a big match.  Unfortunately we left with a bagel.  Whilst we were competitive in many of the sets, we just weren’t able to get the chocolates.
All four singles went on and it soon became obvious we were in for a tough day at the office.  Even their number 4 player was very accomplished, creaming winners on both sides of the body.  We got close in a couple of the rubbers, but alas not able to win one.
So on to the doubles, the strength of most Maccabi teams - well, not really, but after the singles and the first set in the doubles, that is how it was looking, with both Maccabi teams securing a tough victory in the first set.  So things were starting to look a little brighter.  Unfortunately both Maccabi pairs started running out of legs with our considerably younger opponents running away in the last two sets of both rubbers (for those of you mathematically inclined, I worked out that in 24 years they would be half my age). 
And it doesn’t get any easier - next week we take on the top team.  It will be a warm welcome back for our number 1 player for his second match of the season.
- Ron Schweitzer


Section 8 Maccabi 4-6-45 def BLTC 2-3-43

Ben Pollak 8-6

Joel Rabinov 0-8

Jack Eydlish 1-8

Jack Stock 8-5

Rabinov/Eydlish 6-3 3-6 7-6

Pollak/Stock 6-1 6-1

At home against BLTC, Ben and Joel opened proceedings.
Ben got the early break to make it 3-1 and after that was fairly even with both players holding serve. Bens opponent broke to make it 5all, before Ben broke again and made it 7-5. Ben ended up winning 8-6 in a very good performance especially on serve as his serve was always on and helped him win the important points.
The less said about Joel's match the better (0-8).
For the 2nd consecutive round Jack Stock played a leftie (so far the only lefties in our section), except this leftie tested Jack early with a serve that moved and unsettled Jacks usual top notch retuning. 1-2 before Jack elevated his game, where he started to control the points and get into a flow where Jack had the belief that he could return everything and not get beaten from the baseline. The result: confidence and a 8-3 win.
Jack Eydlish kindly filled in, however he kept losing 50:50 points and moments (repeatedly losing net cords) to a 1-8 result. 
Joel and Jack E. had redemption on their minds and played well by coming into the net to turn a 2-3 deficit into a 6-3, 2-0 lead. Unfortunately they went a bit downhill from there- lost the set 6-3 as the opponents upped their game. Refocused, they earnt a 5-2 lead that should have been enough to get the win. Unfortunately that was blown and Jack had to hold serve just to make it to a tiebreak. Once at the tiebreak, they ended up winning 7-4. 
Ben and Jack S. played an almost perfect first set to win it 6-1 (although there was some scoring controversy that at least made Ben and Jack focus for the whole match).  The second set was more of the same and although the tension was still high with both Ben and an opposition player getting hit by powerful volleys, Ben and Jack won very easily (6-2), making it 3-0 for the pair this season.
Overall: Good to finally get a much needed win. Thanks for Jack Eydlish for filling in. 
Good for Ben and Jack S. to play well for the whole day: was the first time this season in doubles that they were switched on for the whole match and didn’t concede easy games. Anyway, next week we return to the red stuff against a top 2 side.


Section 9 Maccabi 4-5-45 def Clarinda 2-3-35

Josh Duieb 8-3

Ben Needleman 8-6

Josh Dorfan 1-8

Sam Strunin 8-1

Duieb/Strunin 6-2 6-2

Dorfan/Needleman 5-7 3-6


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